Initiatives Aim To Address ‘Climate Emergency’

November 9, 2022

An open letter has been signed by a number of people addressing global warming and the recently held United Nations 2022 Climate Conference, with interfaith initiatives to be held today [Nov 9] and tomorrow [Nov 10].

The open letter states, “In opening the United Nations 2022 Climate Conference [COP 27] on Monday in Egypt, the UN Secretary General sounded the alarm as he addressed world leaders regarding the existential crisis of global warming. Antonio Guterres pointed out that the planet is on the verge of passing the ‘point of no return’ with regard to the climate emergency, and that while resolution is still ‘in our hands,’ that window is steadily closing.

“The Secretary General mused that within the next few days, the eight billionth member of the human family will be born. He wondered what that new baby will say regarding the current stewardship of the planet, when he/she grows into maturity.

“The UN leader went on to note that the current Ukraine/Russian war and other conflicts are making the climate crisis even worse. He called for a holistic approach which includes diplomatic steps towards peace. Resolution of the conflicts will in turn allow the planet to address it’s ‘addiction to fossil fuel.’

“The Secretary General’s speech is a reminder that all of us – the entire human family – have skin in this game. There is wall-to-wall media coverage of the current level of madness being played out across the globe. In light of the same, we invite our community to take some time out over the next two weeks to offer thoughts and prayers for a return to a saner approach in resolving challenges.

“In order to facilitate this end, there is an interfaith initiative to provide space at Hamilton Churches over the next two days. This includes the Anglican Cathedral on Wednesday from 12.15pm to 1.15pm, joining a lunchtime service. Then on Thursday at Wesley Methodist Church on Church St. from 12.30pm to 1.30pm for thoughts and prayers; a ‘planet vigil.’

“We, the undersigned, join in the invitation for the community to join in pausing with their thoughts and prayers at any time over the next two weeks. And please be invited to the Anglican Cathedral on Wednesday and Wesley Methodist Church on Thursday.

Signatories are representing their personal views:

  • Myles Darrell [environmentalist]
  • Bishop Nick Dill
  • Joan Dillas – Wright
  • Glenn Fubler
  • Charles Gosling
  • Kevin Grant [Sec Gen of the BTUC]
  • Amy Harvey [ Senior lecturer at Bermuda College]
  • Ann Hyde – [formerly of KBB]
  • Leopold Mills [ former senior civil servant & senior member of Wesley Methodist]
  • Bishop Wes Spiewak
  • Imam Saleem Talbot
  • Rev Nicholas Tweed

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