CoolCo Donates $10,000 To Maritime Academy

January 12, 2023

Cool Company Limited, a Bermuda based, Oslo-listed LNG shipping company, has become the Bermuda Maritime Academy’s first corporate sponsor, making a $10,000 donation to the Academy.

Cyril Ducau, Chairman of the Board of CoolCo and CEO of Eastern Pacific Shipping stated: “CoolCo is pleased to support the Bermuda Maritime Academy and its mission to develop rewarding and meaningful careers at sea for Bermudians. We also hope to open a dialogue with the Academy about potential internship and cadet programme opportunities onboard vessels managed by Eastern Pacific Shipping.”

Bermuda based director Mi Hong Yoon commented: “We encourage other Bermuda based shipping companies to follow CoolCo’s lead and support this worthwhile endeavor.”

Alan Burland, Vice Chair of the Bermuda Maritime Academy; Neil Glass CoolCo Bermuda Director; Mi Hong Yoon, Bermuda Director of CoolCo; and Mario Thompson, Director Bermuda Maritime Academy

CoolCo Bermuda Jan 12 2023

Neil Glass, a Bermuda based independent CoolCo director added: “We hope that the Bermuda Maritime Academy is able to help Bermuda build on its rich maritime legacy by assisting interested Bermudians in pursuing maritime careers.”

Mike Winfield, Chair of the Bermuda Maritime Academy said: “Our public launch occurred in September and we have already begun training and certifying Bermudians in the five basic STCW courses, a first for Bermuda.

“The next time these courses will be offered will be in February. These courses are the entry level to anyone seeking a maritime career. In essence, if you wish to serve on a ship at sea, you must have current STCW certification. Now Bermudians can get access to this training without enduring the cost and inconvenience of going abroad for certification.”

A spokesperson said, “The STCW training and certification are the first of courses the Bermuda Maritime Academy is offering as the not-for-profit works with the Bermuda Shipping and Maritime Authority and the Department of Marine & Ports to recognise needs in the maritime community and fill the current void for training opportunities.”

Mr Winfield said the Academy was “immensely grateful” to CoolCo for the faith they have shown in them so early in their history. “In the near future, we hope to be able to announce scholarships/Bursaries for young Bermudians seeking to further enhance their maritime credentials/education and, to have a resource library to guide individuals towards appropriate qualifications and centres of learning. We also aim to provide introductions to aspiring Bermudians to companies that are seeking seaman for their fleets.

“CoolCo’s generosity and interest in the Bermuda Maritime Academy is the first partnership with the Maritime Commercial world for us and we look forward to working with them, and others, to further our objectives for Bermudians.”

Alan Burland, Vice Chair of the Bermuda Maritime Academy attended the cheque presentation, along with Mario Thompson, a Director of the Maritime Academy.

Mr Burland said: “ One of our most important goals is to establish relationships with the international maritime sector so that we can work together to provide opportunities for Bermudians to have maritime careers. This is a first and we are sincerely grateful to CoolCo for their support. We hope it is the beginning of a great relationship.”

The spokesperson said, “Anyone seeking more information should visit the Academy’s website on or email:”

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