OBA: ‘We Hope Concerns Will Not Be Ignored’

January 13, 2023

“The Opposition hopes the concerns expressed by this group of hardworking Bermudians will not be ignored by the Premier and his team,” Shadow Minister for Home Affairs & Legal Affairs Scott Pearman said in regards to the Fishermen’s Association of Bermuda.

Mr Pearman said, “The Fishermen’s Association Bermuda is due to present Premier David Burt with a petition that speaks to its concerns with the Government’s Bermuda Ocean Prosperity Plan [BOPP]. Before Christmas, the One Bermuda Alliance met with several representatives of the Association to hear their concerns.

“Its members have rightly pointed out the Government’s decision to sign a Memorandum of Understanding [MOU] with the Waitt Foundation before embarking on public consultation was a serious mistake from the outset. Doing so conveyed to other parties that Government had no interest in listening to all viewpoints.

“David Burt’s government is not known for listening. It is understood the Government has yet to formally respond to the Association’s 20 December 2022, request for a meeting.

“The Opposition hopes the concerns expressed by this group of hardworking Bermudians will not be ignored by the Premier and his team.

“Alternative proposals from the Association, and from other Bermudians, deserve to be considered further and taken into account.

“All Bermudians – including those who make their livelihood through fishing – have an interest in preserving our marine environment. Yet in tough economic times we must recognize these are Bermudians with not only mouths to feed, but who are literally putting food on Bermudian tables. They have every right to be heard.

“The Association suggests the protection of Bermuda’s waters should properly take into account the entire 200 mile radius of Bermuda’s exclusive economic zone.

“The Association has also highlighted shoreline fishing. These points need to be responded to by the Government, who might also consider a phased approach.

“There is also the largely unaddressed and crucial issue of enforcing the restrictions we already have. Enforcement must be a central feature of any plan if the plan is going to have a meaningful impact.”

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  1. Voter says:

    We all know the OBA didn’t listen last election which resulted in a 30-6. So you would think the PLP would learn from this pathetic party with 6 seats. Let’s be completely honest voters will never never never vote OBA….. they just don’t show up and vote PLP.

    • sandgrownan says:

      Er no…36-6 happened because the OBA were caught off guard by Burt – cynically playing the COIVD response card to extend the PLP’s reign of terror.

      People will vote against their best interests every time if it’s for their “team”. People are stupid. More news at 10.

      • James says:

        You sound just as stupid as the people that voted for Pot Luck Party. You really believe that we lost because of that situation. It’s 2 Bermudas wake up.

      • You keep believing that says:

        Er no…it’s 30-6 and it happened only because black voters see/know the OBA is a white party, which is the former UBP. Having black front men doesn’t trick anyone now days. This topic is not fake news or a lie. It is what it is and if you truly believe different you don’t know the majority of voters in this country. The USA elections are decided on race and so is the BDA elections.

        • saud says:

          Finally! I respect your honesty. Bermudians vote on skin colour, nothing more.
          Now, admit that the majority of you are bigots, and maybe Bermuda can move forward.

          • Vote in Summer says:

            If the PLP called their vote when all the college kids are back I think it’d be a seriously different number. Strategy is serious and calling a vote when your young population is off island was a savvy move. Do it when they’re back next time. I bet we will see a different number.

          • Hmmmm says:

            Majority your being to nice it’s the entire island from both sides of the house. The OBA will lose every election. We all know Mr Cole will be voted out soon and be replaced with Jarion who’s also wasting his time. Start your own party mate.

            • saud says:

              “Majority your being to nice it’s the entire island from both sides of the house. ”

              LOL. What?

              You’d get further with your racist agenda if you could actually spew out a coherent sentence.

        • I approve says:

          This blogger is as they say is politically CORRECT!

  2. Pigeon eagle says:

    Afraid not much chance of that with this govt, I am sure their mantra is do as we say when we say because we are not interested in anything but our own words and ideas..