Video: FAB Present Petition To Government

January 13, 2023

[Updated] The Fishermen’s Association of Bermuda [FAB] is presenting a petition to the Government today [Jan 13] noting that they are ”hardworking Bermudian fishermen who have to date tried to participate in the BOPP proceedings but due to the foreign oversight and predetermined outcomes have been overlooked and undervalued.”

Update: The live broadcast has concluded and the replay is below

Update 6.10pm: Premier Burt’s remarks:

Mr. Bean, Members of the Fisherman’s Association of Bermuda Executive, Fisherman, Family, Constituents, everyone gathered here today. This petition confirms the commitment of Bermuda’s fishermen to a thriving fishing industry and a sustainable marine environment. This is a commitment also shared by the Government.

It is critical that the effort to preserve Bermuda’s marine environment is informed by the experience and expertise of the people who know the sea and the fishing industry. It is unfortunate that the communication has broken down and led to this point, but I hope today to encourage a dialogue that allows our policies to be developed with that knowledge and to have it fully understood and appreciated. This is an opportunity to hear directly from the representatives of Bermuda’s fishermen, and I look forward to encouraging all parties to fully engage in the open, public consultative process.

All those who participate can be assured that their views will be taken into account. What is most critical is that we agree to share and exchange views in support of what I believe is a common goal.

Since 2013 when the Progressive Labour Party was in opposition, we have spoken about the development of the blue economy and the importance of this process. We recognise that it is the responsibility of the Government to not only hear concerns but to listen intently to what is expressed. What is clear is that we all want the same thing, a stable and prosperous future for all of Bermuda’s People.

Earlier this week, I spoke with President Bean for over an hour to understand his concerns on this matter. And today, along with the Deputy Premier and Minister of Home Affairs, the Junior Minister of Home Affairs Senator Lindsay Simmons, and MP Chris Famous, and we will be going to the Cabinet Chamber to meet with the executive of the Fisherman’s Association of Bermuda Association to continue this important dialogue in a respectful form and hopefully reach a place where your concerns are heard and we can advance Bermuda’s economy.

Thank you for your time and I look forward to our meeting which will take place now.

Update: Following the meeting with the Fishermen’s Association of Bermuda [FAB], Deputy Premier and Minister Roban said, “Today’s meeting was held with the Executive of the FAB facilitated by the Premier to address concetttttts raised in the petition presented to the government.

“The conversation was very respectful and informative on both sides, and there is a mutual understanding that Bermuda’s ocean future is a priority for all of us. After extensive discussions on various topics, I expressed my willingness to continue to meet with the FAB to get further details and craft a way forward with trust and understanding in mind.”

Mr. Allan Bean, President of the stated, “The FAB executive team was grateful for the support shown by the general public, with almost 5,000 petition signatures gathered, and their members and supporters for gathering today to present the petition.

“The FAB also agreed that, upon seeking feedback from their general membership, we would chart a way forward for them to eventually resume participation in the process of crafting a Blue Prosperity Plan. We agreed to work together to ensure the sustainability of the livelihood of Bermuda’s Fishermen.

Minster Roban added, “As the Deputy Premier and Minister of Home Affairs, I am committed to working with the FAB and other stakeholders to protect and ensure a positive ocean future for all.”

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  1. Real Deal says:

    because we have air planes people for get we live on a island in the middle of the ocean. the water is no joke please do not disrespect the ones who take in on because many have gone out never to be seen again this is why i feel all Bermudians should experience a crossing with small crew. i did mine crossing with 3 people, 3 hours watches when out there with no land in sight you will be humbled and will break or become mentally stronger.

  2. First they says:

    Had differences with the farmers. And now our fishermen.Why? Because they know it all and lack experience working with the people they represent. They lack the skills to build consensus. Those days of just listening have gone and not building concensus are dead.
    We will continue to get in this rot because they believe there is a PLP Bermuda and an OBA Bermuda when there is just One Bermuda in need of better leadership.

  3. Kim Smith says:

    Will money be paid if this BOPP plan is formally adopted in Bermuda?