Road Closure To Facilitate Cable-Pulling Work

February 22, 2023

A “cable-pulling operation” commencing on Thursday [Feb 23] will “result in a road closure for Store Hill Road to be continued by a single-lane closure for Middle Road after that.”

A spokesperson said, “Motorists are advised of BELCO cable-pulling operation commencing on Thursday, 23 February, on Store Hill Road at North Shore Road junction.

“The final installation of the conduits from North Shore Road is being tied into Store Hill Road to allow cable-pulling to commence.

“Once cable-pulling on Store Hill Road has been completed, they will proceed with cable-pulling on Middle Road in Smith’s. It is anticipated the Store Hill work will take three weeks.

“This process requires opening pull holes every 800 feet down both roadways. This entire cable-pulling process should be completed by Monday, 3 April.

“This process, outlined in the attached Road Traffic Notice, will result in a road closure for Store Hill Road to be continued by a single-lane closure for Middle Road after that.

“Link Bermuda will join BELCO in pulling their fibre optics cables on Store Hill Road and Middle Road to reach Whitney Middle School on Middle Road during the road closures. BELCO will proceed down to their substation near Harrington Sound Road.

“BELCO trench work has three phases. The initial phase, which consists of laying conduit, has been completed on most roadway sections except Middle Road in Southampton.

“Phase two allows their high-voltage cable lines to be pulled through the newly-installed conduit pipes via pull holes.

“Once Middle Road has been completed, BELCO will return to North Shore Road and proceed along that route heading west with phase two starting west of the Terceira service station and heading west towards the National Sports Centre.

“For the third phase of the operation [dates to be announced], BELCO will open up existing small communication maintenance holes on all the trenched roadways except Harrington Sound Road to pull their fibre optic lines through.

“The Ministry of Public Works apologises to residents and motorists for the inconvenience this work may cause.”

The full Road Traffic Notice follows below [PDF here]:

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