Warren Jones To Retire As Polaris CEO

February 22, 2023

The Board of Directors of Polaris Holding Company Ltd announced the “scheduled retirement of its Chief Executive Officer, Warren Jones, in October 2023, following nearly a decade of service” and said they  ”salute Warren for his nine years of impeccable leadership at Polaris.”

A spokesperson said, “Polaris has been a Bermuda Stock Exchange [BSX] listed entity since March 2011, when it was incorporated in Bermuda. Polaris is the parent company of Stevedoring Services Limited [SSL], East End Asphalt Company Limited [EEA], Mill Reach Holding Limited, and Equipment, Sales and Rentals Limited.

“Stevedoring Services Limited, Terminal Operator of the Hamilton Docks, provides an essential service to the country, providing logistics and highly-skilled labour to seamlessly manage 95% of the island’s critical imports.”

Polaris Bermuda February 2023

Cheryl Hayward-Chew, Chairperson of the Polaris Board, said, “On behalf of the Board, I would like to salute Warren for his nine years of impeccable leadership at Polaris. His keen insights, integrity and courage have been invaluable in our journey to turn around the company and move us to a place of productivity, profitability and overall stability.

“The groundwork Warren has laid serves as a strong foundation for the coming years. He has steadied the course, and we expect that his successor will build on the corporate achievements. The Board is committed to ensuring a seamless changeover in the coming year.”

“Beyond the numbers, Warren has demonstrated the power of relationships, creating space for greater, more productive communications with our stakeholders. Even when the parties involved begin at loggerheads, through his leadership, we have been able to work through and achieve mutually agreeable solutions. While the docks have become a more efficient organisation they are also a model for workplace safety, fairness and business innovation. This is a testament to his fine leadership and is a manifestation of our corporate mantra – ‘Do the right thing at the right time for the right reason’.”

“Warren Jones was recruited to the company in 2014 after 14 years serving as a senior civil servant. Jones was charged with executing a corporate restructure, transforming the corporate culture to one of trust and mutual respect, and building shareholder value for the company, which had endured decades of management challenges. Of his time at Polaris, Warren Jones said, “After nearly a decade at the helm, I can reflect with pride on what our team has achieved together. Arriving in a company in turmoil to bear witness to the stable, reliable, efficient delivery of service is satisfying and represents not only personal success but success for our stakeholders and shareholders.”

The spokesperson said, “Under the executive leadership of Warren Jones, in 2019, the company acquired East End Asphalt Company Limited, a staple in the Bermuda construction ecosystem that supplies the island with aggregate, manufactures asphalt and provides roadwork construction. Through the appointment of young, aggressive leadership and the development of an expanded workforce, East End Asphalt has grown its client base, invested in plant upgrades, and engaged new global suppliers moving the company to profitability in 2022.”

Warren Jones concluded, “I have truly enjoyed my time at the company; I leave Polaris enriched with positive memories of a dynamic role and the support of a great team. It is particularly heartwarming to look back and see the people of Polaris who take pride in what they do on the ports or the roads. I remain grateful for the near decade of support from our board. I’ll never look at the dock or the road in Bermuda the same again. I couldn’t have spent the last few years of my career in a better, more fulfilling role.”

The spokesperson said, “Recruitment for the next Chief Executive Officer of Polaris has begun, and an appointment is expected to be announced by June 2023. The Board of Directors has committed to a comprehensive and proactive transition plan to ensure a seamless succession.”

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