City Reminder On Use Trash Wheelie Bins

February 2, 2023

The City of Hamilton is reminding area businesses and residents “that after trash has been collected, their wheelie bins are to be stored away and not left on the City sidewalks.”

A spokesperson said, “According to the Terms of Service of waste collection in the City, the bins should also be cleaned regularly to avoid any build up of material that could become hazardous or vermin-attracting.

“The City has previously released PR about rats in Hamilton and asked those who use the bins to be sure that they are managed properly so that their use is effective and not a detriment. Bin lids should be firmly closed to prohibit any rodents from entering the bins.

“In recent months the build-up of bins being left on the sidewalks is very apparent and unsightly, and users are kindly reminded to aide the City in keeping the sidewalks as clear for pedestrians as possible by storing their bins in an appropriate location off the sidewalk.

“Bin users are encouraged to familiarize themselves again with the Terms of Service of waste collection to ensure the cleanliness of the City as well as the safety of the sanitation workers.

“Those businesses looking to apply for a wheelie bin can do so on the City’s website at”

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