Govt: ‘Do Not Include Faeces In Garbage’

March 1, 2023

“I implore members of the public to cease and desist,” said Minister of Public Works Lt/Col David Burch as the Ministry “reminds the public that including faeces in household trash is prohibited.”

A Government spokesperson said, “Under no circumstances should any animal or human faeces ever be included in household trash put out for collection by the Waste Management Section. Including faeces in household waste presents a significant health risk to both Waste Collectors and the public at large should a waste bag become torn or damaged.

“Yesterday, a member of the Waste Collection team was spattered with faeces while collecting household waste on Serpentine Road. For hygienic disposal, all human faeces should be flushed down the toilet.”

Minister Burch added: “It is quite alarming that this practice continues — it is highly disrespectful to our sanitation workers who take great pride in their work and provide this service under already trying conditions. Dog and cat faeces and that of other carnivores may also be flushed; in addition their faeces may be buried for decomposition or dried out, wrapped in newspaper, bagged and brought to the Tynes Bay Public Drop-Off facility for disposal in the household waste skips provided there.

“Dog and cat faeces should not be composted if the compost is going to be used on vegetables or other edible plants. Faeces generated by herbivorous animals, such as rabbits, chickens, horses and guinea pigs, may be buried in the garden or added to a compost bin.”

Waste Bermuda March 2023

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  1. Trufth says:

    So you’re saying diapers aren’t being thrown in the trash??? Just curious, what have people been doing with them instead?

  2. JohnBoy says:

    OH SPIT!

  3. JohnBoy says:

    Looks more like a Splatter than a Spatter.

  4. ClownWorld says:

    What about ‘disposable’ diapers for babies and undergarments for seniors?

    In ClownWorld we encourage pet owners on nature trails to use a plastic bags to pick up pet droppings and put them in ‘collection receptacles’ that are almost always overflowing because they never get emptied… go figure!