Athletes Excel In Jump Rope Competition

March 31, 2023

The Bermy Bouncers Jump Rope Team, the island’s national representatives in the sport of jump rope, returned to the island last night after having competed in the American Jump Rope Federation’s “Colorado Classic Competition” over the weekend.

A spokesperson said, “The team consists of 12 youth competitors and 1 adult competitor along with 3 coaches ranging in ages from 3y/o – to 30+. The youth represent schools across the island including, MSA, West Pembroke Primary, CedarBridge Academy, Dellwood Middle School, BHS, Somersfield, Tender Care Nursery & Preschool & various homeschools on island.

“The team was successful in all power based speed events [Single Rope Speed 30 secs./ Pairs Double Under 30 sec relay/ Single Rope Speed 3 min/ single rope speed relay 4x30] and freestyle events [single rope, pairs and group freestyle].

“The Colorado Classic had over 100 competitors from 10 different teams from around the USA including Ohio, Indiana, Arizona & Alaska! The Bermy Bouncers shocked the competition placing in every event they were competitive in!

Bermy Bouncers Bermuda Mach 31 2023

“All national team members have learned how to jump through the Bermuda Heart Foundation’s youth active outreach program “Jump 2B Fit” . The program has worked hard at becoming a model for producing youth ambassadors for the island who are passionate about jump rope, physical activity, civic engagement, and personal empowerment!

“Our jumpers train 3 times a week for 3 hours consisting of a mix of strength, conditioning and endurance training as well as working to enhance their single rope, double dutch, speed and freestyle jump skills.

Head Coach Sionna Barton states, “Although the sport may be a new one, and not one widely recognized, we are proud of the growth and the hard work and dedication put forth by these Bermudian youth, and is something that should be highly recognized by our community.”

“Throughout the Spring/Summer term the Bermy Bouncers will be doing a demonstration assembly tour at primary & middle schools as a way to promote the sport of jump rope! The best way to get your child into jumping is either through a school based Jump 2B Fit program or they can sign up for the JAG Athletic Jump Rope Program. Sign up’s can be found at For more information for all things jump rope contact Head Coach & Jump 2B Fit Director – Sionna Barton – Email- or call [441] 747-7714.

Competition Official Results

30 second speed sprint

  • Girls Under 11]: Summer Redmond 1st -Phoenix Williams 3rd Catalina Rovoredo 4th
  • Girls 12-13] Lola Reape 1st – T’mia 5th
  • Girls 14-15] D’Angelo Williams 4th

Speed endurance [3 mins]

  • Under 11: Summer Redmond 1st Catalina Rovoredo 2nd – Phoenix Williams 4th 12-13 T’Mia Williams 1st- Lola Reape 4th 14-16 D’Angelo Williams 2nd

Speed sprint relay

  • Mixed 13-14 1st – Anae Brangman – Lola Reapa – T’Mia Williams – D’Angelo Williams
  • Girls 11-12 2nd – Mariah Matthews – Catalina Rovoredo – Phoenix Williams – Summer Redmond Girls 19+ 4th – Jenn Cassidy – Averie Cassidy – Nyla Wellman – Lylah Simpson

Double under relay

  • Under 11: Summer Redmond and Phoenix Williams 1st – Mariah Matthews and Catalina

Rovoredo 5th

  • 11-12 T’mia Williams and Lola Reape 1st
  • 13-14 Nyla Wellman and Lyla Simpson 4th

Freestyle: Girls

  • Under 11: Summer Redmond 1st, Catalina Rovoredo 3rd – Averie Cassidy 4th
  • Girls 11-12 T’mia Williams 2nd Mariah Matthews 3rd Lola Reape 4th
  • Girls 13-14 Anae Brangman 3rd

Freestyle: Boys

  • Boys 14 – 15: D’Angelo Willaims 3rd

Freestyle: Pairs

  • Under 11: Summer Redmond, Phoenix Williams 1st, Catalina Rovoredo, Mariah Matthews 2nd
  • 12-13: T’Mia WIlliams & Lola Reape – 2nd

Group freestyle

  • T’mia Williams, Lola Reape, Summer Redmond Phoenix Williams 1st

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