Medal Haul For Adult National Jump Rope Team

July 9, 2019

The National adult Jump Rope Team the Bermy Bounce Backs took home a haul of medals from their recent competition at the World Jump Rope Championships in Oslofjord, Norway.

From July 4th – 8th the Bounce Backs competed against 27 other countries to claim podium finishes in every event they entered in the 30+ y/o age category.

The team consists of:

  • Bermy Bounce Backs: Kendia Gill, Lawriette Thomas, Safiya Dyer, Keitha Hodgson
  • Head Coach: Toni Dickerson

National Jump Rope Team Bermuda July 2019 (2)

A spokesperson said, “What started out as a fun way to shed some pounds and be more active transformed into a love for a sport, and a desire to see what more the sport had to offer!

“The women have come together twice a week from October to June to train in different elements of jump! Old school double dutch to intricate freestyle routines to endurance-based speed events they prepared in them all leading up to the WJR competition.

“For many women, double Dutch jump rope elicits fond memories. Jump rope games were major childhood activities, often passed down intergenerationally. We made friends playing rope, created and sang songs, and contributed to a unique art form and respected sport.

National Jump Rope Team Bermuda July 2019 (1)

“As many adults face health disparities, we believe jump rope offers a highly effective and fun exercise. Engaging in physical activity also helps to relieve stress, and provides fulfilling social engagement.”

Sionna Barton, BDAJRF Chairman/Head Coach said, “Our Bermudian athletes have medaled in every competition we have competed in. It is about time our community shows support for these dynamic youth and adult jumpers!”

National Jump Rope Team Bermuda July 2019 (3)

The spokesperson said, “The team medaled in the following categories:

  • 30 second single rope speed relay [4 jumpers] Safiya, Lawry, Keitha, Kendia – First [1st]
  • 30 second single rope double under relay [2 jumpers] – Kendia & Lawry – Third [3rd]
  • Double Dutch Speed Relay 2×60 [4 jumpers] Safiya, Lawry, Keitha, Kendia – Second [2nd]
  • Double Dutch Speed Relay 3×40 [3 jumpers] Kendia, Lawry, Keitha – Third [3rd]

“For further information on our representing jumpers and/or on the program follow the program on Facebook or don’t hesitate to contact us! Info on World Jump Rope:

click here Bermuda jump rope

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