Ducking Stool Reenactments Return

May 1, 2023 | 0 Comments

The Ducking Stool reenactments will return in St George’s, with a spokesperson noting “this event is an integral part of the town’s ongoing efforts to preserve its colonial heritage and offer visitors an authentic glimpse into its past.”

A spokesperson said, “The Corporation of St. George’s is thrilled to invite visitors to explore the unique history and culture of the Town of St. George. Beginning on Monday, May 1st, guests can witness the Ducking reenactment, which showcases how corrective measures were used to manage wayward towne folk in the past, supported by a Town Crier.

Mayor George Dowling III extends a warm invitation to all visitors to come and experience the charm and history of this unique town. In his own words, “We invite all of our visitors to visit the Town of St. George’s to see all that it has to offer.”

A spokesperson said, “The Ducking Stool event is a highlight of the town’s cultural calendar and offers visitors the chance to experience a slice of the past.

“Ordnance Island, in the heart of the town, serves as the perfect starting point for visitors to begin exploring the town’s historic sites. From the Bermuda National Trust Museum to the Towne Hall from 1797, visitors can explore the numerous colonial-era buildings that are located in close proximity to Ordnance Island. The Towne Hall, in particular, is a notable landmark of the bustling centre of the town and is a must-see for all visitors to St. George’s.

“The Towne Hall has been a meeting place for the town’s residents to discuss the business of the day for over 200 years. The regular monthly meetings of the nine elected officials have occurred each month since their opening in 1797, and today Mayor George Dowling III still hosts meetings there. Visitors will appreciate the architecture and woodworking, which are a testament to the craftsmanship of Bermuda’s past.

“The Corporation of St. George’s is dedicated to preserving and sharing the towne’s unique history and invites visitors to come and experience it for themselves. Join us on Ordnance Island at 1 p.m. on Monday, Wednesday, and Thursday for a glimpse into our past and a taste of our vibrant present.”

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