CSG Seeks Feedback On ‘Deliverance’ Replica

June 6, 2022 | 1 Comment

The Corporation of St George [CSG] announced they have moved to Phase II of the Ordnance Island Development Project and will be focusing resources on the Deliverance replica ship

A spokesperson said, “CSG is committed to the beautification and enhancement of the land to make it a Town attraction that will benefit both residents and visitors. The Corporation undertook and completed the redesign of the Sir George Somers display by relocating it to the centre of the Ordnance Island roundabout and extending the original exhibit to include recognition of the six nations most responsible for creating modern Bermuda people, society and culture today, namely,— Britain, America, Canada, Portugal, Angola and Ghana.

“The Corporation is progressing with Phase II of the project by focusing resources on the Deliverance—a replica ship that “helped save America”. CSG has contracted architects and structural engineers and consulted extensively with professional boat builders, historians and Town partners, Bermuda Tourism Authority, and BEDC on the feasibility of retaining the current structure.”


Mayor Dowling states, “Collectively, we understand there would be extensive remediation and rebuilding to retain the replica as is. Currently, the structure is unsafe. To that end, we communicate with the community. We have created a poll to determine national awareness and desire to engage with the Deliverance. We invite the community to go to our website, corpstgeorge.bm, and follow the survey here.

“Results and feedback from the poll will be used as a general gauge. We should add that recommendations from the public can be provided but must be from certified professionals as this project requires capital investment.”

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  1. CSG is seeking feedback on the Deliverance replica. The company is asking for input on the design, functionality, and overall aesthetic of the product.

    The Deliverance replica is a high-end product that is designed for collectors and enthusiasts. It is made with precision and attention to detail, and it is sure to impress anyone who sees it.

    If you are interested in providing feedback on the Deliverance replica, please contact CSG at your earliest convenience.

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