BELCO: Hurricane Preparedness Advice

June 5, 2023 | 0 Comments

BELCO advised that with hurricane season beginning on June 1st, the “Company has and is taking all the necessary steps to prepare should the island be impacted by a storm this season and encourages the public to prepare as well, specifically as preparations pertain to the trimming of trees.”

A spokesperson said, “Ensuring that trees on private property remain 10 feet away from power lines is the sole responsibility of property owners. Trimming trees at least 10 feet back from power lines in advance of the approach of any storms will prevent branches from pulling down power lines and even entire utility poles, which pose a serious electrocution and fire hazard.

“Additionally, it can reduce the risk of one of the most inconvenient parts of a hurricane, losing your electricity, as most outages in Bermuda are caused by trees falling on power lines, even in years where Bermuda avoids a direct hit.

“BELCO works to ensure that trees are cut back near main line circuits and some branch lines. This proactive approach has prevented outages on main line circuits since the programme launched in 2011. However, it is not BELCO’s responsibility to trim trees on private property.

“Should property owners wish to trim their trees, it is critically important to remember that a power line’s electricity must be disconnected before trimming trees next to it. To schedule a temporary disconnection for tree trimming safety, property owners can call BELCO at 295-5111 or email three weeks in advance. Hurricane season is now underway, so now is the time to make sure that trees are clear of any power lines.”

BELCO President Wayne Caines said: “While meteorologists have predicted an average storm season this year, our team at BELCO are well prepared for any storm that may impact us.

“During the aftermath of a hurricane, BELCO staff certainly appreciate the patience and understanding of the public as we work to get everyone’s power restored as quickly and safely as possible. I encourage the public to review their own hurricane safety plans as well as tips and advice on the BELCO website to keep their family and property safe should we be impacted by a storm this summer.”

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