Actress Brooke Burfitt Starring In ‘Grey Matter’

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Brooke Burfitt Bermuda July 14 2023 1Brooke Burfitt is starring in the upcoming movie ‘Grey Matter,’ with the film set to premiere later this month.

A spokesperson said, “Brooke Burfitt, known for her role in the Lifetime movie set in Bermuda “Maternal Secrets”, stars in the upcoming British film ‘Grey Matter,’ which will premiere at the Canadian Screen Award qualifying Female Eye Film Festival in Toronto on July 28th, 2023. The movie is nominated for Best International Feature and Best of Show.

“A directorial debut by Arabella Burfitt-Dons, this heartfelt drama filmed in a seaside town in Suffolk, England explores the impact of Alzheimer’s disease on a family and the challenges they face as they navigate through the changes.

“In ‘Grey Matter,’ Brooke Burfitt takes on the role of Doctor Spencer, a knowledgeable medical professional who diagnoses Peg with an aggressive form of Alzheimer’s, played by Hollywood icon Stephanie Beacham. Doctor Spencer offers guidance and support to the family as they come to terms with the life-altering effects of the disease.

“Brooke shares the screen with an exceptional cast, including Stephanie Beacham, Elizabeth Berrington [Spencer, Last Night in Soho], Eloise Smyth [Harlots], Harry Kirton [Peaky Blinders] BAFTA-nominated Kierston Wareing, Paul Brennen [Alien 3] Sunetra Sarker [Casualty] and Nigel Boyle [Line of Duty].

Ms. Burfitt said, “It’s estimated about two thousand people in Bermuda live with dementia at the moment and yet I knew so little about the disease before reading this script. It made me want to learn more and I was so touched to be included in such a special film.

“This movie was a special project for Brooke, as she teamed up with her director sister Arabella Burfitt-Dons.

“It was a privilege to be a part of Arabella’s directorial debut. As a sister I was intensely proud watching her work, but as an actress I had so much respect for her vision for the project. I wanted to do the very best job for her, and everyone watching who has been personally impacted by Alzheimers. Arabella tackled the subject with sensitivity and skillfully balanced the complexities of the disease with moments of humor and comedic relief. My sister created a thought-provoking unforgettable film and deserves all the recognition and praise from these film festivals, with many more to come.

“As the older sister, I’m used to being the bossy one, but she definitely made sure she was in charge on set. I’d love to team up with her again, as working with family is truly wonderful and we always have each other’s backs”.

Ms. Arabella said, “Casting Brooke in ‘Grey Matter’ had nothing to do with the fact that we are sisters. I chose her for the role of Doctor Spencer because of her exceptional talent and complete confidence in her ability to deliver the role. She is a brilliant actress who approaches all her work with a rare professionalism and dedication which I know is admired across the industry.”

The spokesperson said, “Brooke also stars in Lifetime’s “Labor, Lies and Murder” and “Christmas at the Castle” and Great America Family’s channel “Christmas Lovers Anonymous”, regularly airing on our screens in Bermuda. On stage, she’s performed in local productions of “Taming of the Shrew”, “Trials and Tribulations of a Trailer Trash Wife” and “Yes, Prime Minister.”

“Following the world premiere, ‘Grey Matter’ will screen at the Regina International Film Festival and Awards on August 3rd, 2023 where it is nominated for Best International Feature. Its European and American premieres are expected to follow later this year.

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