Smith & McConnie Win Motorfest CG Slow Race

July 6, 2023 | 1 Comment

Micah E. Smith and Jordan McConnie won the CG Slow Race at the Motor Fest 441 event, with the race serving to test riders’ control, precision skill and balance.

A spokesperson said, “CG Insurance proudly sponsored the CG Slow Race at the highly anticipated Bermuda Motor Fest 441 held on Sunday, July 2nd. This unique race, focused on control and precision rather than speed, saw an exhilarating showcase of skill and balance. Due to the closeness of the finish, resulting in a post-race review, there was not just one, but two winners crowned as co-champions: Micah E. Smith and Jordan McConnie.

“Unlike traditional races where the fastest rider takes the victory, the CG Slow Race challenges participants to navigate the track at a controlled pace, with the objective of crossing the finish line last. Micah E. Smith and Jordan McConnie demonstrated exceptional skill and mastery of their motorcycles, showcasing the importance of control and safety on Bermuda’s roads.

Winners Micah E. Smith and Jordan McConnie sharing the championship title of the CG Slow Race.

CG Insurance Motor Fest July 2023

“As part of their victories, both champions have been awarded a year’s worth of motorbike insurance, valued up to $500, courtesy of CG Insurance. In addition to this invaluable coverage, they have also earned the bragging rights that come with being crowned champions of the CG Slow Race, as well as automatic entry in next year’s event to determine who will be the 2024 Slow Race champion.”

Naz Farrow, CEO of Coralisle Group, highlighted the significance of sponsoring this type of event: “Road accidents in Bermuda are unfortunately not uncommon, often caused by speed and negligence. It is essential to remember that speed isn’t the sole measure of skill or success on the road.

“By practicing safe and cautious driving habits, we prioritise the well-being of ourselves, our passengers and the many other people on the roads in Bermuda, who are not just strangers but also our friends, family members, and co-workers. Safety should always take precedence over speed.”

The spokesperson said, “CG Insurance firmly believes in the importance of educating and fostering safer roads for everyone in Bermuda. The CG Slow Race serves as a powerful reminder that sacrificing safety for the sake of speed is not a path to victory. By promoting control, precision, and responsible driving, CG Insurance aims to create a culture of safe and cautious road users throughout the island.”

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  1. Triangle Drifter says:

    Many many years ago a group called The Bermuda Institute of Advanced Motorists held a driving skills competition for cars.

    Non of the events involved speed.

    Drivers had to do things like judge the width of vehicles driving between poles, judging height under a high jump bar, judging distance approaching a curb front & back, parking no touching curb, the zig zag thing multiple much tougher than TCD, wheel changing, distance needed for door opening, 3 point turn around plus others that I cannot remember.

    Good fun, educational and humbling all in one event.

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