CG Insurance Launches Internship Programme

July 25, 2023 | 0 Comments

CG Insurance launched their Summer Internship Programme earlier this summer, with Chiara Pesci, Sam Morris, Jya Ratteray-Smith and Casey Morris working in the CG Insurance Bermuda office.

A spokesperson said, “CG Insurance is proud to announce the launch of its highly anticipated Summer Internship Programme earlier this summer. Building upon the success of previous years, this year’s programme emphasizes the robustness of the internship experience, highlighting CG’s commitment to nurturing talent and giving back to the community.

“Under the guidance of CG professionals, selected college students have embarked on a 10-week programme, gaining invaluable professional skills, industry knowledge, and exploring potential career paths. The programme has been designed to align with the career interests of the interns, ensuring a meaningful and relevant experience. The CG summer internship programme is currently running in Bermuda, Cayman, The Bahamas, and this year, has debuted in Barbados with the inclusion of CG United to the Coralisle Group of Companies.

Chiara Pesci, Sam Morris, Casey Morris and Jya Ratteray-Smith

CG Insurance Summer Internship Programme Bermuda July 2023

“One of the notable aspects of the programme is the Intern’s Community Day, where all the interns in all participating countries, actively volunteer, showcasing CG’s dedication to making a positive impact within the communities in which they live and work. This initiative demonstrates the company’s people-first approach and its commitment to fostering local talent and strengthening community connections.

“This year, the CG Insurance interns had a great opportunity to make a positive impact by volunteering their time and effort at The Bermuda National Trust Verdmont Museum in Smith’s Parish where they cleared the attic crawlspaces of debris and refreshed the top floor’s exhibit: ‘A House and its People’. These volunteer efforts play a crucial role in preserving historical landmarks and helping to raise awareness about Bermuda’s history and culture.”

Naz Farrow, CG’s Chief Executive Officer, expressed her enthusiasm for the internships, stating, “The CG Summer Internship Programme offers exceptional opportunities for professional growth and development, enabling interns to explore potential career paths within the company while receiving a competitive compensation package.”

“This programme not only provides insights into the insurance industry but also nurtures a collegial spirit among interns, fostering a supportive environment through our experienced CG professionals. As a company, these internships represent our commitment to investing in the future by harnessing the potential of our local young talent and strengthening our ties with the communities we serve.”

The spokesperson said, “The internship programme encompasses a diverse range of activities, including a group project, team-building exercises, and community service days. Interns will also attend information sessions led by CG managers, covering essential topics such as cyber security, regulatory compliance, legal affairs, investing and managing personal finances, ESG, and personal career and brand development.

“The selected interns for the CG Insurance Bermuda office [CG Headquarters] are Chiara Pesci, Sam Morris, Jya Ratteray-Smith and Casey Morris. Additionally, 10 more students have been chosen for the programme in CG’s other jurisdictions, Cayman, The Bahamas and Barbados. The rigorous selection process involved an in-depth assessment of applications and interviews with numerous candidates. Successful interns were chosen based on their academic achievements, extracurricular involvement, career aspirations and alignment with CG’s core values.

“The CG Summer Internship Programme began on June 26th and will end in August. For more information about the CG Summer Internship Programme and other initiatives by CG Insurance, please visit or contact 296-3700 for more information.”

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