CG Presents Second Annual ‘Slow Race’

July 4, 2024 | 6 Comments

CG Insurance “proudly presented the second annual CG Slow Race during Bermuda Charge’s 2024 Scooter Mart Motor Fest, highlighting the firm’s commitment to road safety,” noting that “this event allowed riders to demonstrate their control and precision skills in an exciting competition that focused on safety rather than speed.”

Naz Farrow, CEO of CG Insurance, emphasised the company’s enhanced dedication to road safety, stating, “Given the high number of road accidents this year, the aim of the CG Slow Race is to encourage and inspire safer driving habits. Our support for the CG Slow Race underscores our commitment to promoting cautious driving and foster a culture of safety on Bermuda’s roads. This dedication extends beyond the event, as we continuously work on initiatives that enhance road safety and protect the well being of all road users.”

The spokesperson said, “The CG Slow Race featured two heats where riders showcased their abilities on various two-wheeled motorcycles with stock wheels and tyres. The goal of the race is straightforward. Unlike traditional races, the last rider to cross the finish line of a 50 ft course without touching the ground with their foot is declared the winner. The event fostered camaraderie and community involvement, aligning with CG Insurance’s mission to educate and raise awareness about responsible driving on Bermuda’s roads.

“This year’s CG Slow Race saw Shawn Bremar claim the title of the slowest rider, demonstrating exceptional control and precision. Queena Reid and Diaz Steede placed second and third, respectively. Shawn’s victory earned him a year’s worth of bike insurance from CG Insurance, further highlighting the company’s support for safe riders.

“CG’s support and involvement with the CG Slow Race reflects the ongoing efforts to raise awareness and educate the community about responsible driving practices.”

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  1. Ringmaster says:

    TCD/Gov Post Office should receive a prize. License mailed June 27, delivered July 4.

    • Hilarious! says:

      I am still waiting for the mailman to deliver a letter mailed to me from Hamilton in March 2015.

  2. Joe Bloggs says:

    I had no idea there was a “Slow Race”! I could have gone so slow you would thinking I was backing up!

  3. Toodle-oo says:

    Ha ! They may have demonstrated slow speed balance and some skill on this ‘race course’ but what do they demonstrate when they’re actually on the streets ?

  4. Packman says:


    That is not funny !

    This apparant no care attitude which we are experiancing on our roads over the last few years has nothing to do with the riders ability to control their bike at slow speed.

    The police used to give precision riding exibition years ago ! hat happened to that?

    solutions offered to solve or solve reckless driving may fall on deaf ears.

    Do we shut down Clearwater race track an switch off the TV car and bike raceing programing.

    The bike has continuouse dive automatic up shifting gear box which are partly to blame , that is to say the bike constantly changing gear ratios proportionately to engine R.P.M. so you never know what gear you are in.

    There are other issues, such as anger related in including family problems or situations resulting from other issues for example as we see the bike and cars / taxi collisions virtaually occuring with death on our streets on a regular basis.

    I am going to put Anger at the top of the list.
    Lookin to aportion blame only solved part of the problem but does not solve it .

    May be offering bike rider incentives may work .

    Do not put un- marked law enforcement vehicles on our roads .
    You can not lock every body up.

    Going to court a revenue earner infuriates virtually every one and solve nothing.

    i see a policy of different stroke for different folks here .

    Bike riders increase their speed as rear ending remains a bike riders constant fear. .

    I am not recommending high speed un safe driving here.

    The bike rider has to be ready for this car and rider problen who over take where ever possible .

    Did we not read about a police bike and a car collision recently .

    By the way it is imposable to drive a police bike at less tha 50 to 60 K.
    no every body wears a halo as the are car drivers who display their anger towards the bike rider.
    The hooligans have their own high speed agenda having its consequeces around the next corner.
    Radar and cameras are not going to solve the problem only agrivate it .

    If they took the restrictive helmet away which it gives a false sence of security thing may slow down over night
    Project ride seem to have no effect on our young peoples their driving habits age also has nothing to do with it

    • Joe Bloggs says:

      “You can not lock every body up”

      Don’t worry about it. The Bermuda Police Service has not enforced traffic laws for 20 years or more.

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