Ministry’s Summer Student Programme

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“We are focused on nurturing our young talent and providing them with opportunities to gain practical experience within our Ministry,” said Minister of Public Works Lt/Col David Burch, on the commencement of the Ministry’s Summer Student Programme.

A Government spokesperson said, “The programme provides valuable opportunities for young Bermudians to gain practical experience in virtually every area of the Ministry and our Quangos.

“The arrangement has successfully recruited 25 students, comprising 23 college students [including one dual-enrollment student] and two high school pupils.

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“The Ministry funds the programme via its budget, reflecting the Government’s commitment to investing in youth development.

“The Summer Student Programme is a valuable platform for students to gain hands-on experience in various areas of the Ministry’s operations.

“The college students will work for up to ten weeks, while the high school students will engage in up to a six-week programme.

“This extended duration ensures that participants have a substantial period to immerse themselves in the work environment and gain a deeper understanding of their roles. The programme officially began on Monday, 5 June.

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“Currently, the students are assigned to diverse sections within the Ministry, including the Quarry, Tynes Bay, Prospect Depot, Parks, Estates, Purchasing, Human Resources, Accounting, and Engineering sections. As well Golf Courses, Bermuda Land Development Company, and the Wedco also participate in the programme.

“By working alongside experienced professionals in these fields, the students can apply their theoretical knowledge in practical settings, bridging the gap between academic learning and real-world application.”

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Minister Burch added: “This initiative allows students to explore their passions, develop their skill sets, and lay a solid foundation for their future professional journeys.

“By investing in our youth, we are building a stronger workforce and empowering the next generation of leaders. I am proud of the students who have embraced this opportunity, and I look forward to witnessing their growth and achievements.”

The spokesperson said, “The Ministry of Public Works extends its gratitude to all the participants, mentors, and staff members involved in making the Summer Student Programme successful.”

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