Education Ministry Acknowledges Demonstration

November 12, 2021

The Ministry of Education said they “acknowledge the demonstration held today by the West End Warriors for Legacy group.”

The Minister of Education Diallo Rabain expressed, “The Ministry of Education has welcomed and continued to hear the points and concerns raised by representatives of the West End Primary School community. The decisions on parish primary schools, which affect all primary schools, were difficult ones made after extensive consultation and engagement.”

“Before the decision on West End Primary School was made, the Minister met with various members of the West End Primary School community, including parents, alumni, and children of educational leaders of the school.

“This was in addition to the numerous public consultation meetings. Each point and issue raised was carefully listened to and considered, including the long, storied, and rich history of West End Primary School and the role that it has played in Bermuda’s development.”

Minister Rabain added, “While we always look back to learn, to respect and to value our history, we are also determined to look forward and focus on and dedicate ourselves to what young people need for their futures and the future of Bermuda. Again, this has meant difficult decisions, with the knowledge that some community members will disagree and be unhappy with, no matter what the decision.”

“We agree with the West End Primary School representatives on the critical importance of history and would like to work with the West End Primary School community to honour and protect its ongoing legacy.

“Additionally, we have also highlighted on numerous occasions the creation of a History and Legacy Committee. The Ministry has reached out to Bermudians experienced in historical preservation both based in Bermuda and overseas, and will be announcing a working group that will develop a long-term plan for preserving our rich education history and legacy.”

Minister Rabain concluded, “The facts, analysis, and rationale for the decision are publicly available via and show that the decision made was a sound one. The best available site for Sandys Parish, with larger acreage and room to accommodate a 21st-century parish primary and preschool, was selected.”

“There is broad agreement that education in Bermuda needs to be modernised and transformed to meet the current and future needs of all young people in Bermuda. Therefore, we hope that every member of our community, including those disappointed with these decisions, will join us to co-create the change we need.”

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