Dept Of Education ‘Aware Of Complaint’

November 18, 2021

The Ministry and Department of Education said they are “aware of a complaint that has been made on social media by a parent of a Whitney Institute Middle School student.”

A Government spokesperson said, “The Whitney Institute is an Aided School that is governed by its Board of Governors. Therefore, the School Board is addressing this matter, and any additional updates will be released as needed.”

Minister of Education Diallo Rabain shared, “At this time, I can confirm that the student is currently in school as there was not an expulsion issued or a formal withdrawal request submitted.”

A spokesperson added, “The Ministry and Department of Education would like to remind the public of the role that the Parent Teacher Association [PTA] plays in advocating for students to schools.

“The general objectives of the PTA are as follows:

  • To encourage and further communication and co-operation between home and school.
  • To acquaint and provide members with an opportunity to discuss the programs of the school.
  • To consider matters of concern to the Principal, members of the staff, students, parents, and members of the Association.
  • To raise funds for special school programs and projects and;
  • To promote, encourage and support efforts to maintain and further the education and well-being of the students.

Minister Rabain concluded, “We encourage all parents and guardians to participate in the Parent Teacher Association [PTA] actively. Policies around things such as the Code of Conduct or Uniforms can always be discussed between the PTA and the School leadership to reach an acceptable resolution for all parties.

“However, should any issues arise, in the first instance, contact should be made with the school Principal; if that does not warrant a solution, escalation to the Assistant Director, and in the final instance escalation to the Commissioner of Education.”

“The Ministry and Department of Education encourages productive discussions among school staff, parents, guardians, and students to reach sustainable resolutions and move forward with the most important task of educating the students of Bermuda’s future.”

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