CariGenetics Launches Human Research Project

August 10, 2023 | 1 Comment

In a groundbreaking initiative, CariGenetics announced the launch of its pioneering human research project, “Get in The Ring: A Caribbean Breast Cancer Whole Genome Research Pilot Study” with a press conference today.

A spokesperson said, “This study is set to revolutionize our understanding of breast cancer in women of Caribbean ancestry. At today’s press conference, attendees included Jodi Covington, CMO of CariGenetics; Dr. Carika Weldon, Founder and CEO of CariGenetics; Khamani Fox, Clinical Operation Manager at CariGenetics; Lynne Woolridge, CEO of Bermuda Cancer and Health Centre; Colleen English-DeGrilla, Executive Director of PALS; and Dr. Ayoola Oyinloye, Chief Medical Officer for the Government of Bermuda.

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“Breast cancer remains a significant health concern worldwide, but there are unique genetic factors at play in different populations. This study aims to delve deep into the genetic markers and differences associated with breast cancer in women of Caribbean descent. By focusing on whole genome sequencing, the research will provide comprehensive insights into the entire genome, offering a holistic view of the genetic factors influencing breast cancer in this specific demographic.”

Dr. Weldon, the visionary behind CariGenetics, commented, “This is more than just a research study; it’s a step towards a future where breast cancer care is more personalized, effective, and proactive. By understanding the unique genetic variations in Caribbean women, we can pave the way for early detection, better prevention strategies, and more targeted treatments.”

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The spokesperson said, “The study is seeking participation from 100 women: 50 diagnosed with breast cancer and 50 without a history of the cancer or any first degree relative with cancer. All participants should ideally have four grandparents of Caribbean descent and should have full insurance coverage for any follow up screenings. The data collected will remain confidential, with stringent measures in place to ensure privacy and data protection.

“CariGenetics invites the community to support this landmark initiative. By participating, sharing, and advocating for this research, individuals can play a pivotal role in advancing breast cancer care for Caribbean women.

“For more information about the study, participation criteria, or CariGenetics, please or contact Khamani Fox at or [441] 621-6302.”

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