Dr Carika Weldon Guest Speaker In London

May 27, 2024 | 0 Comments

[Written by Stephen Wright]

Dr Carika Weldon took to the stage in style as a guest speaker at the recent tenth annual London Calling medical research conference at Billingsgate.

The founder of CariGenetics – a pioneering research company focused on Caribbean ancestry – Dr Weldon made a grand entrance, dancing her way onto the stage to Hot Hot Hot, a hit song by Arrow.

Representing Bermuda and the Caribbean, Dr Weldon shared ground-breaking insights from the CariGenetics Caribbean Breast Cancer Whole Genome Pilot Study at the event.

“We’re beaming with pride as our CEO, Dr Weldon recently took to the stage at London Calling 2024!” CariGenetics wrote on X today [May 27].

“Representing Bermuda and the Caribbean with style, she opened with a vibrant dance to soca music, truly embodying our rich culture.

“She highlighted the importance of addressing the unique genetic markers in Caribbean women, demonstrating how our local research can lead to faster more accurate, and cost-effective breast cancer screening.

“Dr Weldon’s presentation was all about breaking barriers and bringing our community’s needs to be at the forefront of global health discussions.

“We couldn’t be prouder of her unique delivery and the incredible work she’s leading.”

Dr Weldon came to prominence during the Covid-19 pandemic as the Government science adviser and director of the Molecular Diagnostic and Research Laboratory.

She was recently recognised by the Hamilton Princess & Beach Club as part of their Black History Month celebrations.

Dr Weldon May 27 2024

Dr Weldon May 27 2024 2

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