CariGenetics Launches At-Home Genetic Tests

June 11, 2024 | 0 Comments

CariGenetics has launched at-home genetic testing kits that can be ordered online and picked up at any local post office.

A spokesperson said, “CariGenetics is excited to announce a groundbreaking development in personal health and wellness for Bermuda. For the first time, residents will have access to at-home genetic testing kits that can be ordered online and conveniently picked up at any local post office, including St. Georges, Crawl, Flatts, Devonshire, Warwick, Southampton, Mangrove Bay, and Hamilton.

“CariGenetics’ at-home genetic tests are designed to be user-friendly, providing clear and actionable insights into users’ health and wellness. To understand the comprehensive information of what each test can offer, consumers can download sample reports by visiting each product page found on

  1. Know4Sure: This cost-effective paternity test provides a reliable and affordable option that can be completed in the privacy of the home. Please note this version cannot be used for court proceedings.
  2. Family4Sure: This familial relationships DNA test confirms biological relationships within your family, providing peace of mind and clarity, that can be important for medical history and personal understanding.
  3. Food4You: This nutrition DNA test tailors your diet to your genetic profile, helping you make informed dietary choices for optimal health, potentially reducing the risk of nutrition-related health issues and enhancing overall well-being.
  4. Fitness4You: This fitness DNA test provides personalised fitness recommendations based on your genetics, allowing you to optimise your workout regime, improving physical performance and reducing the risk of injury.
  5. Skincare4You: Tailor your skincare routine to your unique genetic needs with this skin DNA test, enhancing your skincare efficacy, addressing specific skin concerns more effectively and directly.
  6. PersonallyYou: Enhance your relationships and team-building efforts with this personality DNA test, tailored to uncover genetic insights about your personality traits, through a better understanding of mood, information processing, behaviour traits and addiction.

Dr. Carika Weldon, CEO and Founder of CariGenetics, highlighted the significance of these products being offered locally, “In today’s world, where maintaining a healthy lifestyle can be increasingly expensive, our at-home testing kits offer an accessible and affordable solution. The results are personalised based on your DNA, tailored to your unique needs, and provide invaluable insights that can improve your health, wellness, and overall quality of life. We are proud to make these innovative tools available to our community.”

The spokesperson said, “CariGenetics prioritises the security and safety of the data collected. All genetic data is securely stored and managed to ensure the highest standards of privacy and protection.

“These at-home testing kits represent a significant advancement in both personal health management and elevate corporate wellness programs, providing Bermudians with the tools they need to take control of their wellness in a convenient and affordable manner.

Partnership with Nspire and Primal Nation

“CariGenetics has partnered with Coach Alex, Certified Health Coach at Primal Nation, who can provide personalised guidance to help you incorporate the Fitness4You, Food4You, Skincare4You & PersonallyYou results into your health and wellness journey. Coach Alex will specifically work with adults. You can find our products bundled with special consultations at

“For children, CariGenetics has partnered with the newly launched kids sports charity NSpire Bermuda, led by retired professional athlete Gavin Manders, which is shaping the future of children and youth through racquet sports. This way, not only do you receive results, but you also gain expert advice on how to maximise those results and improve your child’s fitness.

“To mark the special co-launch of the Fitness4You test and NSpire Bermuda today, the duo launched a colouring book competition at the inaugural NSpire Racquet Extravaganza held on 11-12 June at the Tennis Stadium. With over 300 children present, this joint colouring book has been received with enthusiasm from the children. One lucky student with the best-coloured artwork will have their piece featured on the Fitness4You at-home test box.

“We invite all to explore the benefits of CariGenetics’ new at-home genetic testing kits, including how to obtain a kit and what the results can reveal about your health and wellness, at

“All products are for pre-order during the promotional period with a 15% discount on the first 100 products. Any company that wants to add these kits to their Corporate Wellness programs, please email

“Together, let’s make strides towards improved personal health and well-being in Bermuda.”

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