Minister Furbert On Diversity And Inclusion

August 25, 2023 | 40 Comments

“This week, Bermuda residents and visitors alike have been participating in the planned Pride events. As the Minister with oversight of human rights, this serves as a timely reminder to highlight our diversity and the importance of inclusivity, equality, and respect for all,” Minister of Social Development and Seniors Tinee Furbert said.

The Minister continued, “The Ministry of Social Development and Seniors remains committed to working towards creating a society where every individual can live their lives authentically and without fear. The events associated with Pride are an occasion to celebrate self-expression and individualism, and Bermuda Pride and OUTBermuda should be commended for providing safe and supportive spaces for our LGBTQ+ community

“By embracing diversity and inclusion, and by treating individuals with dignity and respect, we can foster a sense of belonging, where every individual feels valued, empowered and worthy. Let’s continue to champion diversity and inclusion in all facets of our community. This in turn leads to stronger society for all – one that is forged through understanding and appreciation of our shared humanity.”

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  1. Aiesha Oliver says:

    As a black Bermudian and former teacher at Purvis Primary, I disagree with Minister Furbert’s and the current government’s stwnce on’inclusion’ and the facade of injustices masquerading as ”human rights.’ I was one who had my Butterfield Bank account closed after persons too interested looked at a 2014 photo of me posed next to Mark Twain in the lobby of a branch I previously worked in the early 1990s. My pension was also missing several years of employment history. How does this happen to a black Bermudian and get sweep under the rug to promote ‘gay rights?’ I comtacted persons in the education department in 2022 and was assured Bermuda needed teachers. Upon arrival, I was treated like dirt while getting the run around between different government deparments playing musical chairs with their offices. Does Bermuda need teachers or does the BEC prefer to hire foreigners giving them contracts before arriving? The same isn’t offered to Black Bermudians so what is the point of a white board keeping black Bermudian teachers out of classrooms? Surely, this is a human rights issue. Bermuda doesn’t need to become a ‘free for all.’ There are inclusion matters that haven’t yet been addressed before jumping on the ‘gay band wagon’ proported by some falsely ‘progressive societies’instead of addressing the historical, colonialist injustices leveled against blacks. So tired of the rhetoric hidden under the fake inclusive ‘rainbow pride.’ This initiative also tramples on heterosexual women’s rights. The latent reasons for this false movement aren’t that hidden if one looks close enough. Crime statistics on the black male anyone? We don’t need white tourists and ‘guest workers’ salivating on ‘exotic blacks’ on the ‘paradise island of Bermuda.’

    • James W says:

      I’m not sure what any of these ramblings have to do with the minister and D&I.

      Sounds as though you need a morning talking to the bank and the Teachers Union.

      Your comments are utter drivel too. If you think black teachers have it tougher than LGBT folk in Bermuda, then you obviously have no perspective at all. They don’t.

      • Aiesha Oliver says:

        James…are you gay? Perhaps, dragged out or hiding in a proverbial closet? From which ‘post’ are you hiding? State your parish? The place where you went to preschool, primary and high school? You could be a white expat wanna be Bermudian living off the island stirring up trouble to make a quick buck or just mad that you have no voting rights. Are you an advocate for these types? I am rightfully concerned about Bermuda’s heritage and children being peddled off for foreign ideals that don’t serve black Bermudians. Those are the types that typically attack BLACK teachers. I don’t have a choice, I was born black. Homosexuality is a choice. I choose to be heterosexual and I love Bermudians. I grew up in a different time and have seen Bermuda get worse because we don’t feel our own are qualified enough to have a valid opinion. Always looking at England or Europe. Gay black folks outside of Bermuda and their white lovers are hating on Bermudian black teachers are out of control. Wake up, most of it is a white agenda. Aren’t you aware of Bermuda’s wealth? Do you need white people to tell you your or Bermuda’s worth? If you want your grandchildren and great grandchildren stomping around illiterate waving gay flags, not knowing their true history that is your business, but leave the Black heteros alone. We don’t need to swap a white English union jack for black non Bermudian rainbow ‘pride’ foolishness. Trading one shackle for another. Why be a rainbow slave when you could be a advocate for black excellence? Read your history. There are benches next to the Sally Bassett statue on Cabinet grounds, go there and put on your thinking cap. Next, go down Foot of the Lane and think about who you support. Johnny Barnes, the black Seventh Day Adventist, didn’t get s dime for being an ambassador for Bermuda. Who and what do you value? White tourists I encountered on a bus though he was a crazed vagrant. That is how whites see black Bermudians. Wake up! What kind of tourism wants to sell black children as passive illiterate dummies who only want to go England to kick a ball.

        • Toodle-oo says:

          You were/are a teacher ? ?

          • Aiesha Oliver says:

            Pseudonyms are cute. You must love poodles right? And the letter O, ‘doubled up.’ Rosedale Doodles in Preston, UK has cavapoochon doodle breeds if you are interested in canine imports and not humans? Are dogs gay?

            • LOL - the real one says:

              Yes, homosexuality occurs naturally….you claimed to be a teacher? Did your bigotry occur naturally or is it a lifestyle choice?

          • saud says:

            It explains a lot.

        • LOL - the real one says:

          You’re nothing but a racist, homophobe.
          You and your bigots are dismissed.

          LMFAO…you give people a bad name.

        • what says:

          “Homosexuality is a choice” = wrong, you say you are a teacher?

          The rest of your message is a racist rant. Take off your blinkers and remove your self oppression. The only agenda that exists is yours.

          • James says:

            Its not about who I am, its frankly none of your business Aiesha, you are the one telling your life story in some bizarre justification of your prehistoric views.

            Which stink by the way. They are embarrassing and outdated, and I’m glad you don’t teach my kids. Just let people get on with their lives, let people be who they want to be.

            And circling back, that’s a lesson Minister Furbert and this Government could learn.

            • Aiesha Oliver says:

              Outdated? You sound like a UK Labour Party supporter writing letters to support Meghan Markle’s whining to be read in the House of Commons based on their grifting in the US and Canada. Maybe you are another party planner donning Conservative blue minding Bermuda’s business. Are you a reel or real Bermudian? Yes, I am a teacher and I would teach your child the same as I would any other. Phonics and math is phonics and math…as is geography. I am an educator and proud of it. The life stories of hundreds and hundreds of children are woven into my life and guide the way I teach. Dale Butler also tells ‘life stories’ of Bermudians, so did Ruth Thomas. I read his book this past summer on raising Bermuda’s boys. Do you care about heterosexual boys? Are you familiar with the Kings program out of Victor Scott? How about the Rights of Passage via Cedar Bridge Academy? Are you familiar with those real Bermudian historians who put time and effort into collating Bermuda’s black history or would you prefer they dispense of it like the Bermuda Recorder, the Bermuda Sun and the Mid-Ocean News. Next, Bernews will be gone too and the RG will be censoring your comments under that unicorn seal. If you are a true Bermudian and old enough, you would recall that ALL official government notices were printed in the Bermuda Sun. Now that is purposely gone. A carefully planned chipping away of black and human rights. As a Bermudian, my life is important, as are my rights. Your gay rights shouldn’t strip my rights to be born black and female, nor my right to teach accurate Bermuda history. Outdated is the human rights abuses that are occuring too often, including those that force children to undergo sex changes…in essense a chemical or surgical mutilating of their genitals and reproductive organs. Is that your wish for Bermuda’s children. Grab any book on child development…gayness in childhood is a social construct forced on children by adults. If a child declares they are a bird, do we then surgically attach wings to the child, inject bird DNA etc. No, children are children and pushy adults need to find other ways to satisfy their creepy libidos instead of looking at children. Next, they’ll want nude beaches to parade their genitals in front of children and claim their right to do be ‘born free.’ Concentrate on historical injustices like land grabs, stolen votes, classist education tracking etc before jumping on the Harvey Milk bandwagon. What’s he got to do with Bermuda’s Dunkley? Again, is this a white agenda?

          • Aiesha Oliver says:

            Dear What,

            Please direct me to the research that proves homosexuality isn’t a choice. Bigots are those who refuse to accept that zero amount of skin bleach will turn me into a white person, nor will marrying a white person, or moving to a white town. Similarly, no amount of head shaving, breast wrapping or crotch stuffing, or wearing crossed zippers or buttons will turn me into a man. If this madness continues, try getting through a children’s bedtime story when He or She is turned into a hundred made up pronouns. As a teacher, I’m appalled. Please not in England, the NHS was changing the word ‘breastfeeding’ of infants to ‘chestfeeding’ to pander to gay men who can’t produce human milk for babies. Madness, but you go ahead. How much milk do you produce from your ‘breasts?’ Or are you dependant on a shelf or someone else’s milk to feed your children?

            • Toodle-oo says:

              If homosexuality isn’t a choice then please tell us where you were and how old you were when you chose to be straight .

            • Joe Bloggs says:

              “Please direct me to the research that proves homosexuality isn’t a choice”

              You are asking for evidence of something that does not exist. You are asking for the impossible.

              I did not “choose” to be heterosexual and I very much doubt anyone would “choose” to be in a class of persons that are discriminated against and sometimes killed for their sexual orientation.

    • Mike Hind says:

      You being treated badly doesn’t mean that other people should be treated badly.

      The rest of this post is patently and quantifiably false and based on nothing but hate.

      And, for the record, I’m born Bermudian, for several generations.
      I went to school here, other than two years away. I’ve lived in Pembroke, Paget and Warwick.

      Does that make my opinion somehow more valid?

      • Aiesha Oliver says: are a classic case of one that fits the bystander effect. Were you standing behind the police when they pepper sprayed people protesting for rights on Parliment Street? What kind of math are you using to ‘quantifiably’ measure my statements as false? Are you ‘manspreading?’ Take a meander to Dockyard and see the weird ‘tours’ they have on display. Go to the museum in St. George’s, it’s a disgrace, as is the removal of the Deliverance and the casting off of the stocks to the side and all those awful planters in the square. Mimicking UK towns I suppose. What is Britian doing to Bermudians? Tea anyone? Milk and sugar or are you a coffee drinker?

        • Mike Hind says:

          I actually spoke out against the pepper spraying. But we’ll don’t trying to change the subject AND lash out in your little tantrum.
          Your post is gibberish and the rankings of someone desperate to have a point. Every word is both insane and off-topic.

        • LOL - the real one says:

          Felons were pepper sprayed.
          You’re a divisive, bigoted whiner.

          • Joe Bloggs says:

            The elderly and vulnerable were put out front as shields. I was not aware that any of them were felons.

          • Hey idiot says:

            Folks like you with this constant negativity is the very reason why the oba struggles to find new members

  2. Jamie says:

    Embarrassing tokenism. This Government cares more for the church and its backward views than D&I, particularly LGBTQ issues.

    One other thing. The PRIDE Harbor Nights last week, no gombeys? A mere coincidence or are they too stuck in the past?

  3. Reflections of? says: is it this government is going to talk about diversity and inclusion? Minister have you ever looked at your parties proposed candidates at each election? Go ahead pick a year, any year. Have you ever taken a look at who this government hand picks for scholarships, grants, summer internships, and jobs in government? Can you really feel comfortable talking about this subject knowing your history. And now you want us to believe you are okay with the pride movement. Your talking out of the side of your mouth because you remembered how many people marched and supported when you clearly didn’t?

  4. Participating???? Bermudians??? Really??? No way!!

  5. Vortex says:

    This Government promoting diversity and inclusion? You have to be kidding.

    This is the Government that banned gay marriage, the only one in the world to do that after the country legalised.

    Shame on you Minister!

    • Aiesha Oliver says:

      Sigh…Bermuda isn’t the only country in the world to oppose gay marriage. However, it is where the wealthy hide their money, and we do have the most churches per square mile. Hmm…leave it to a gay pride parade to block traffic. Child rights anyone?

      • Joe Bloggs says:


        I was getting ready to defend you (save for the homosexuality is a choice crap), but you are now displaying conspiracy theory logic.

        Bermuda is not a great place for the wealthy to hide their money. Dubai and Switzerland are much more private. There are lots of places that claim to have the most churches per square mile (or kilometre) and the pride parade was not the “gay pride parade”. My (heterosexual) wife was there while I was working.

        I am sorry that you have suffered the wrath of the PLP Government. All I can say is welcome to the club.

  6. wondering says:

    Minister Furbert embellishes herself – as a member of the Party of exclusion. What a pack of lies.

  7. wondering says:

    I guess my other post was factual

  8. blankman says:

    Diversity and inclusion from this government?

    The government that banned gay marriage after it was legaized making Bermuda the only country in the world to do so.

    Hard to imagine that she actually believes what she’s saying.

  9. LOL - the real one says:

    You mean the Privy Court in the UK ruled according to Bermuda law because Bermuda judges ruled incorrectly. The Government banned nothing. Blame the Bermuda judges for not following the law in the first place. Why did they do that?

    I find it hard to believe that I am defending this Government but the fact that your statement is wrong is irrefutable.

    • Aiesha Oliver says:

      Seriously? The Privy isn’t truly interested. They only get involved when ‘the Americans’ are ‘encroaching’ and stirring up old Churchill sentiments for ‘Brittania.’ Dontcha know this whole gay thing is about a gay Mountbatten and that old closeted enigma code cracker? Britian wants to seem ‘modernized’ and ‘with the times’ proporting their fake diversity. Sadly and quite obviously, they don’t even want the very qualified department of immigration to print their own passports. Now why is that? Control of course. So they then play around with codes and the citizenship of Bermudians for ‘trade deals’ for a ‘global Britian.’ Wake up Bermuda, they don’t call it ‘the Commonwealth’ for nothing. We are literally bread and butter for their depleting coffers.

    • Mike Hind says:

      The courts here absolutely DID follow the law.
      The case taken to the Privy Council was worded in such a way that they HAD to rule the way they did.
      This Government absolutely did ban Marriage Equality.

      To say they didn’t is both ignorant of the facts and insidious.

      Shame on you.

    • Tucker says:

      Yes…the White British judges over ruled Bermudians, because they know better.

      What actually happened was that the British set a precedent, making it possible to reduce or remove any already won rights from Bermudians.
      If you were intelligent, you’d understand how dangerous that really is, but you got your way. You can now discriminate against a very small subsection of society, and feel superior about it.

  10. LOL - the real one says:

    I have never seen any diversity and inclusion in any Government Department or in a Quango. Is the Government 40% white across the board? Are there any white folk or anyone who identifies as white in the ICO? How many blacks work in the Information and Digital Technologies department?

  11. LOL - the real one says:

    The government of Bermuda is racist AF.
    There is absolutely no diversity, they don’t even know what such a big word means.
    LOL, good luck with your poverty.

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