Officials Respond To Kite Surfer Report

September 12, 2023 | 0 Comments

The police responded after a report that a kite surfer was seen to leave his bike, go out to sea and not return, and following an investigation it was determined he had travelled from Clearwater Beach to another location by kite surfing and intended to collect his bike the following day.

A Bermuda Maritime Operations Centre [BMOC] spokesperson said, “RCC Bermuda was conferenced into a telephone call along with Police COMOPS and a reporting source calling from Clearwater Beach, the caller was concerned for a kite surfer who he watched go out to sea and has not yet seen him return. The kite surfer had left his bike next to the beach and COMOPS were trying to find the contact details for the bike owner from the license plate.

“A Police Land Unit was dispatched to investigate further with the reporting source. Unfortunately, the telephone numbers found from the bike registration were not up-to-date and a Police Land Unit was sent to the owners address, in the meantime the Bermuda Coast Guard were advised of the case and requested to standby. RCC Bermuda telephoned contacts who were involved with kite surfing and managed to find the telephone number of the bike owner, who was, as suspected a kite surfer.

“RCC Bermuda called the kite surfer and found him to be ashore and safe, he had travelled from Clearwater Beach to Grotto Bay by kite surfing and walked home from Grotto Bay, he intended to collect the bike the following day. RCC Bermuda requested that if the surfer was not intending to return to the same beach he left from it would be good practice to telephone RCC Bermuda and file a float plan before leaving.”

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