Cherie-lynn Whitter Named Public Service Head

October 30, 2023 | 4 Comments

Cherie-lynn Whitter Bermuda October 2023

Cherie-lynn Whitter has been appointed as the Head of the Public Service, the Government announced today.

A Government spokesperson said, “Following the recommendation of the Public Service Commission [PSC], Mrs. Cherie-lynn Whitter has been appointed as the Head of the Public Service.

“Mrs. Whitter assumes the role following the retirement of former Head of the Public Service Dr. Derrick Binns, who left Government in July.

“Mrs. Whitter’s time in Government has spanned more than 20 years, and she has held several leadership positions in the public service, including roles as Director, Assistant Cabinet Secretary, and Permanent Secretary.

“As Permanent Secretary, Mrs. Whitter has held various portfolios, including the Ministries of Tourism and Transport, the Cabinet Office, Economy Trade and Industry, and Home Affairs.

“In 2014, she was appointed Deputy Head of the Public Service. This role required undertaking delegated functions of the Head of the Public Service, including handling disciplinary matters and leading Government Reform initiatives.

“Mrs. Whitter is the executive sponsor for the implementation of the government reform plan and is credited with, amongst other initiatives, establishing the Government Service Standards Policy and developing and implementing the Public Service Excellence Awards Programme.

“The PSEA Programme recognises and celebrates service excellence throughout the Government of Bermuda. Mrs. Whitter believes that the PSEA Programme is an essential component in motivating public officers and in helping to dispel the negative perceptions often attached to the work undertaken by public servants.

“Mrs. Whitter is also the public service technical lead on industrial relations matters, inclusive of collective bargaining with the Government’s six union partners.

“Mrs. Whitter has championed the development and implementation of an internal public services value assessment to provide data to support decision-making relative to future services.

“She has also been instrumental in taking steps towards preparing the Government for paperless transactions through the establishment of the digital forms initiative. Additionally, Mrs. Whitter led the establishment of the Project Management Office for the Economic Recovery Plan, as well as the establishment of the Project Management Office for Education Reform.”

Following the announcement of her appointment, Head of the Public Service, Cherie Whitter said, “I am committed to working towards transforming and modernizing the Service, placing a significant emphasis on customer service and standards of excellence.

“There are many highly skilled, talented public officers and a host of career opportunities for forward-thinking professionals who are enthusiastic about making a difference. One of my goals is to attract skilled and talented Bermudians to assume critical and hard-to-fill roles in the Service. It’s essential that we ensure a robust and highly efficient administration that can serve the current and future needs of Bermuda.”

The Government spokesperson said, “Mrs. Whitter holds a Master of Arts with a dual major in Management and Human Resource Development. She has executive management experience in both the private and public sectors. Mrs. Whitter assumed the role of Head of the Public Service on October 1, 2023.”

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  1. Ringmaster says:

    Sounds like she wants to hire, and hire. Nothing about getting rid of deadwood, and privatizing, and slimming the CS and reduce costs. Just more and more expense and no results.
    Maintain the Status Quo.

  2. Status Quo 101 says:

    Status quo maintained.

    We long for a political party to come in and shake up the conservative time spent culture of the civil service that ends up stymieing all good policy initiatives and progress that either PLP or OBA are easily capable of rolling out to benefit Bermuda.

    It’s an open secret that there is a “PS Club” who keep Ministers in check and block anything they don’t like or can label as their own.

    Why for example is a particular “Consultant PS” still on payroll and in meetings sniping and blocking much needed economic growth so that their contract can keep getting renewed.

    Culture of No must be eliminated.

  3. Ladeej says:

    Congratulations on your new position, Cherie. All the best!

  4. Stephen says:

    Congrats HOPS Whitter!

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