Intellectual Property Officers Complete Training

March 28, 2024 | 0 Comments

The Registry General Department’s Intellectual Property Office [IPO] team recently completed a seven-week trademark examiners’ virtual training program conducted by the United Kingdom Intellectual Property Office.

A Government spokesperson said, “Also joined by The Cayman Islands Intellectual Property Office members, the training was held from August 30th, 2023, to February 28th, 2024. It covered several key trademark examination topics, including descriptiveness, distinctiveness, objections based on public policy and the principles of morality.

Intellectual Property Office Bermuda March 27 2024

“Presented by trademark examiners with countless years of experience, participants found the well-organised sessions interactive and enlightening. The training, which included several real-life examples, sought and encouraged questions and comments from all participants, such as whether or not the applications would be accepted in their office and why.

“The training format allowed Bermuda and the Cayman Islands offices to compare their trademark examination practices with those in the UK. Interestingly, most scenarios discussed found converging practices in all three jurisdictions, especially for practices within The Cayman Islands and Bermuda. The training also provided the opportunity to connect case law with real trademark applications.

“The training also came at an opportune time as the trainee trademark examiner and Trainee Manager of Intellectual Property were able to participate.”

Minister of Home Affairs Walter Roban explained, “In line with the recently passed landmark trademark legislation and continued growth in intellectual property, as mentioned in the Speech from the Throne, this training was a great opportunity to begin laying the foundation of knowledge to be built upon while enhancing the skills of all officers in the IPO and improving service levels offered to the public.”

“While the team enjoyed the experience, this training was of value to the department as they could immediately apply the knowledge and lessons learnt when examining or reviewing trademarks. And so ultimately, it has sparked greater interest in trademark examination throughout the IPO, which will help Bermuda grow our intellectual property.”

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