Mirrors Annual Art & Digital Competition Winners

October 3, 2023 | 0 Comments

The Mirrors Programme announce the winners of its 7th Annual Student Art and Digital Competition, which centered on the theme “My Happy Place.”

“The Mirrors Programme plays a pivotal role in shaping our youth into confident, expressive, and creative individuals. We are proud to support this competition, which encourages young talent to flourish and offers a unique window into the minds of our future artists,” said Minister of Social Development and Seniors Tinee Furbert.

A Government spokesperson said, “This year’s competition has once again showcased the immense creativity and talent of Bermuda’s young artists, providing them with a platform to express themselves and share their unique perspectives.

Ms. Kimberley Jackson, Programme Manager for The Mirrors Programme, expressed her excitement, saying, “We were overwhelmed by the incredible response to this year’s competition. It is a testament to the depth of talent and creativity among Bermuda’s youth.

“Self-expression remains one of the core values, and each year, we look forward to providing an opportunity for our youth to express themselves through art. The competition was not only an opportunity for these budding artists to shine but also a platform for fostering creativity and celebrating Bermuda’s vibrant culture.”

The winners of the 7th Annual Mirrors Student Art and Digital Competition are:

“The 1st Place Winners:

  • Thomas Smith – Warwick Academy
  • Etana Holdipp-Lynch – Clearwater/Whitney Middle School
  • Skye Ferguson – Mount Saint Agnes Academy

“The 2nd Place Winners:

  • Aiden Simons – Port Royal Primary School
  • Anna Mao – Bermuda High School
  • Charlie Yates – Bermuda High School

“The 3rd Place Winners:

  • Jericho Roberts – Northlands Primary School
  • Paige Pimental Whitney Middle School
  • Alex Malo – Mount Saint Agnes Academy

“Digital Individual Winners:

  • Seri Fisher – Warwick Academy 1st Place
  • Thomas Quarterly – Mount Saint Agnes 2nd Place
  • Troyan Scott – Gilbert Institute 3rd Place

“Digital Group Winner:

  • St Davids Primary School 1st Place

“People’s Choice Award Art Winners:

  • Primary School – Madison Branco – Somersfield Academy
  • Middle School – Seri Fisher – Warwick Academy
  • High School Mya Graham – Bermuda High School

“People’s Choice Award -Digital Individual Winners:

  • Primary School – Troyan Scott – Gilbert Institute
  • Middle School – Seri Fisher – Warwick Academy
  • High School – Colin Cardoza – Mount Saint Agnes

“People’s Choice Award Digital Group Winner:

  • St. Davids Primary School

“School Prizes:

  • Bermuda High School $1000.00
  • Gilbert Institute $150.00
  • Mount Saint Agnes $1350.00
  • Northlands $350.00
  • Port Royal $500.00
  • St David’s Primary $350.00
  • Warwick Academy $1100.00
  • Whitney Institute $1100.00

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