Mirrors Annual Art & Digital Competition Winners

September 28, 2021

The Mirrors Programme recently hosted a virtual prize-giving ceremony for their fifth annual Art & Digital Competition, with schools receiving $6,450 in prizes, while students received $7,690 in prizes.

A Government spokesperson said, “Kathy Lynn Simmons, Attorney-General and Minister of Legal Affairs and Constitutional Reform, is pleased to announce the Mirrors annual Art & Digital Competition winners.”

At a virtual ceremony, Attorney-General Simmons said, “Thank you for joining us here today to celebrate the talent and creativity of those who participated in the competition, hosted in partnership with the Mirrors Alumni and Friends Association.”

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“This year’s theme was ‘Embracing our Differences, Diversity and Inclusion.’ This theme allowed our budding artists to express the creation of a Bermuda where differences are embraced and individuality celebrated. The exhibit ran from July to August at the Rick Fairies Gallery, Masterworks Museum of Bermuda, displaying 131 submissions.

“The winning categories were selected by three community judges for first, second and third place awards at the primary, middle and high school levels. The People’s Choice awards for primary, middle and senior school levels were decided by the public vote during the exhibit.

“Schools received $6,450 in prize money, and students received $7,690 in prizes.

Mirrors Annual Art & Digital Competition Bermuda Sept 2021 2

“The names of the category winners are below.

“The third place winners were:

  • Primary – Annabelle Weaver – Somersfield
  • Middle – William Adams – Mount Saint Agnes
  • High School – Arrianna Smith – Mount Saint Agnes

“The second place winners were:

  • Primary – Sophia Lindo – Purvis Primary
  • Middle – Emma Sampson-Pitt –Bda High School
  • High School – William Brackstone – Mount Saint Agnes

“The first place winners were:

  • Primary – Seri Fisher – Warwick Academy
  • Middle – Lily Canes – Bermuda High School
  • High School – Indio Francis – Bermuda Institute

“The individual digital art winners were:

  • 3rd – Ashley Horseman – Mount Saint Agnes
  • 2nd – Ayanna Penniston – Mount Saint Agnes Academy
  • 1st – Taylor Rego – Mount Saint Agnes Academy

“Group digital art winner:

  • St.David’s Primary School

“The People’s Choice winners were:

  • Primary – Natalie Moniz – Purvis Primary
  • Primary -King-Klos Arorash – Somersfield Academy
  • Primary – Timothy Pearman – Purvis Primary
  • Middle – Xion Smith – Dellwood Middleschool
  • High School – Indio Francis – Bermuda Institute
  • Digital Award – St. David’s Primary School

“School prizes:

  • Bermuda High School $1250.00
  • Bermuda Institute 750.00
  • Mount Saint Agnes 1800.00
  • Purvis Primary 500.00
  • Somersfield Academy 350.00
  • Warwick Academy 750.00
  • St. David’s 1050.00

“The Mirrors Programme thanks Athene Life Re as the major sponsor of this event, Masterworks and the Mirrors Alumni for their continued support.

“For more information regarding information for this year’s Art Competition or to volunteer for the next cycle of Mirrors programming, please contact Mirrors Programme at 294-9291 or send an email to mirrors@gov.bm.”

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