Premier Burt Travels To Europe For Meetings

October 1, 2023 | 13 Comments

The Premier and Minister of Finance David Burt departed for Europe yesterday [Sept 30] where he “will lead a Government delegation and hold a series of meetings with EU officials in Brussels, Paris, and London, including the new Secretary General of the OECD.”

A Government spokesperson said, “The Premier first travels to Brussels, where he will meet with high-level European Union officials, including the Director General of DG FISMA, the new chair of the Code of Conduct Group for the EU Council, and representatives from EU member states such as Luxembourg and Ireland.

“The purpose of these meetings will be to deepen connections with financial services and taxation stakeholders and to continue to highlight Bermuda’s position as a cooperative and transparent jurisdiction. While in Brussels, the Premier will also conduct several media interviews and host a reception at the Government of Bermuda’s Brussels Office to be attended by European Commission officials, Members of the European Parliament, and Member State and private sector representatives.

“The Premier will then depart Brussels for Paris, where he will hold a high-level meeting at the OECD headquarters with new Secretary General Mathias Corman to discuss matters related to Global Minimum Tax. Following Paris, Premier Burt will travel to London for further meetings and media engagements before returning to Bermuda.”

Premier David Burt said, “It is vital that the Government of Bermuda continues to deepen connections with our European partners within the European Commission, Council, Parliament and Member States. Decisions made within the European Union impact Bermuda’s financial services industry, including insurance and reinsurance, and we must continue to reiterate our message of cooperation and transparency.

“This trip is a chance to renew long-standing relationships but also to meet with new persons in key positions due to recent changes of leadership in bodies that are vital for Bermuda’s economic interests.”

The Government spokesperson said, “The Premier will be joined by Mr Ken Joaquin, Registrar of Companies for the Ministry of Finance, and Ms Aliyyah Ahad, the Government of Bermuda’s EU Representative. Premier Burt will return to the island on Saturday, 7 October.”

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  1. Ringmaster says:

    Business as usual. Travel to meetings, more talk. Nothing achieved.

  2. Real Deal says:

    safe travels Gombey warrior cause some very shifty chars over that part of the world

  3. question says:

    While we drive around trying to avoid the ever increasing number of potholes in the third-world roads.

    • Hilarious! says:

      Just wait until more EVs hit the road and create larger potholes due to their extra weight.

  4. Hilarious! says:

    Has Mr. IT never heard of MS Teams or any other video conferencing applications?

    Can’t wait to see his expenses from this trip! First Class airfare, 5-star hotels, private limo transportation… you know, the usual.

  5. Real Deal says:

    the smart solution to potholes is for someone to take up the task of researching and experimenting with different mixtures that will be superior to the current one used on the local environment. put on the hat and give it a go much better than complaining

    • Joe Bloggs says:

      I hope you mean that someone to be a registered civil engineer, not a bus maintenance man or an IT technologist

      • Real Deal says:

        that type of mindset you have gets society and humanity as a whole no where and i suggest you do some research into history to find out where in society the most ground breaking innovations come from. it is funny that you seem to be implying that one requires a paper title to be able to learn, think and innovate a solution. Bermuda was once known for everyone wearing many hats and the only required hat needed to were those hats was common sense.

        it required no assistance from gov or anyone to research and tinker in your own yard driveway. if you come up with something let people know show and tell and it will find its way to gov for their civil engineers to evaluate. i am not even that old and i can remember those days of common sense
        the island don’t need a bunch of sideline spectators and complainers the island needs Thinker and Doers get your hands dirty and get in or i don’t even got to tell you its common sense

        • Joe Bloggs says:

          My comment had nothing to do with people who wish to “tinker in your own yard driveway”. I encourage such experimentation.

          My comment was about “someone” who was going to assess our public roads (the ones that residents and tourists travel on every day) and recommend a solution to the potholes that continually develop. Someone who will have access to data about the weights of different vehicles, someone understands the difference between live loads and dead loads, someone who understands the effects of lateral forces and has the knowledge and ability to mathematically calculate what is needed to prevent a collapse due to the effects of live loads, dead loads, and lateral forces.

    • Toodle-oo says:

      The ‘someone’ in your proposal is actually the government .

      • Joe Bloggs says:

        I don’t care whether the engineer is employed by the PLP Government or is in private practice. I only care that the “someone” is an appropriately qualified civil engineer registered with the Bermuda Association of Professional Engineers

    • Hilarious! says:

      You left out being able to stand up under the increased weight of electric vehicles. Big Bucks!

  6. Triangle Drifter says:

    Does Burt spend enough time on the island to file trip expense reports?

    Seems like months since the last one was published.

    A full listing of trips and their benefits to Bermuda would be interesting.

    Racking up the air miles in his name to be used when he is no longer Premier.


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