BTA & IATA Partner To Offer Aviation Courses

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The Bermuda Tourism Authority [BTA] and the International Air Transport Association [IATA] partnered to provide nine IATA courses through their online learning platform, BTA+.

A spokesperson said, “The Bermuda Tourism Authority [BTA] and the International Air Transport Association [IATA] — which represents 83% of the world’s air traffic — are excited to announce a ground-breaking partnership with a mission to ignite a passion for aviation careers and sculpt a dynamic community of ace air transport navigators.

“This sought-after initiative amplifies the professional skills to meet the rapidly evolving needs of the travel and hospitality industry but also embodies our unwavering commitment to fulfilling the promises of our national tourism blueprint.

“The BTA has carefully chosen nine courses from the extensive range of professional and developmental programs IATA offers. These courses have been specifically selected to align with the needs of our industry.

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“They encompass essential topics such as Airline Customer Service Fundamentals, Diversity and Inclusion, and more. These courses are now accessible through our online learning platform, BTA+.

“This platform was introduced by the BTA to provide industry-focused training and educational opportunities for individuals who are eager to enhance their careers in the hospitality sector.

“IATA training aims to be the first point of reference worldwide for aviation professionals, students and businesses who desire standard practices and aviation industry needs.

BTA & IATA Tariq Lynch-Wade Bermuda November 2023

“As a professional pilot and aviation safety regulator, continuous learning is necessary to develop and maintain competencies in related functions,” said Tariq Lynch-Wade, Director of Operations at Bermuda Civil Aviation Authority.

“This philosophy of continuous learning underpins the industry’s high safety and security standards. It also reinforces the partnership between the BTA and IATA, supporting an effort to facilitate a gateway for Bermudians to enter and further their education in the aviation industry,” added Mr Lynch–Wade.

The spokesperson said, “The courses will empower professionals to grasp the mutually beneficial relationship between aviation and the more significant tourism industry, highlighting aviation’s essential role in shaping travel experiences. This development is timely, coinciding with Bermuda’s historic launch of its first Bermuda-based airline, BermudAir.

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“This marks a significant milestone for our industry and opens doors for those considering it a career option. Involving residents as our visitors’ initial point of contact is an excellent way to elevate Bermuda collectively.”

“Bringing IATA’s expertise into our learning ecosystem is a remarkable step forward for us and the tourism industry,” remarked Davida O’Brien, Tourism Standards and Training Manager at Bermuda Tourism Authority.

“For students who may have once thought that becoming a pilot or a flight attendant was just a dream, partnerships such as these demonstrate that it is indeed attainable. We’ve witnessed numerous individuals from our community transcend in their aviation careers, and we are committed to fostering more connections like these for our island,” Ms O’Brien concluded.

The spokesperson said, “Those currently working in the travel industry or anyone looking to embark on a new career in the tourism industry can benefit from this collaboration and are encouraged to register for BTA+ to access the courses on aviation and tourism. To register on BTA+ for free, sign up here.”

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