ByBermuda 2.0 Launched For Holiday Season

November 22, 2023 | 0 Comments

In conjunction with Global Entrepreneurship Week celebrations, the Bermuda Economic Development Corporation [BEDC] announced the launch of ByBermuda 2.0, the “revamped online marketplace, just in time to spread holiday cheer. ”

A spokesperson said, “The upgraded platform is tailored to empower local small businesses and entrepreneurs, providing them with an exceptional opportunity to showcase and sell their products and services in the digital realm.

“In line with our unwavering commitment to bolstering Bermuda’s small businesses, BEDC generously subsidizes vendors’ costs to list and utilize the ByBermuda platform during its initial phase. As a result, local entrepreneurs can reap the rewards of online selling without the financial burdens associated with creating and maintaining their websites.

“BEDC extends a warm invitation to all vendors and small business owners who have yet to establish an online presence. Erica Smith, Executive Director of BEDC, emphasizes the importance of this opportunity to support new vendors and small businesses, fostering a thriving virtual marketplace within our local community.

“ByBermuda offers a virtual haven for local retailers, service providers, and vendors to engage with customers, even during these challenging times. It simplifies transitioning your business into the online world, ensuring accessibility for small businesses.

“Partnering with local entrepreneur, Kimwana Eve, founder of Hey Lookie Lookie small business directory, the BEDC looks forward to helping to onboard as many small businesses as possible.

“If you are a local small business owner eager to expand your reach and enhance your online presence, become a vendor on ByBermuda. Become a vendor on the ByBermuda Virtual Market in 2 easy steps:

  1. Register to become a BEDC member by visiting BEDC Member Sign-Up.
  2. After becoming a BEDC member, use your assigned BR number to sign up on ByBermuda by visiting ByBermuda Seller Registration.

Jache Adams, BEDC Chair, emphasizes, “Bermuda’s Economic Recovery Plan pledged to deliver an online SME marketplace that would grant entrepreneurs easy access to sell their goods and services online. In Bermuda, the costs associated with establishing an online presence can be a significant barrier. Consequently, the Government of Bermuda has removed this obstacle. We are delighted that ByBermuda 2.0 is re-launching just in time for the holiday season, and we urge vendors and small businesses to register with BEDC and sign up for the platform.”

The spokesperson said, “ByBermuda doesn’t merely represent an opportunity for small businesses to prosper online; it signifies a significant stride toward building a more robust and resilient local economy. Join us on this thrilling journey toward economic growth and digital transformation.

“We aim for shoppers to explore to discover unique products and services offered by local Bermuda businesses. Visit to start your journey. If you have any inquiries or encounter any issues during the sign-up process, please get in touch with Deshun Simmons at We eagerly anticipate witnessing your new ByBermuda stores come to life!”

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