Mandisa Richardson Earns PSEA Award

November 23, 2023 | 0 Comments

Mandisa Richardson, a Customer Service Agent at the Bermuda Post Office, has earned the Public Service Excellence Award.

A Government spokesperson said, “This week Premier David Burt recognized Mandisa Richardson as the recipient of the October Public Service Excellence Award [PSEA].

“As the community is aware, the PSEA is a programme that recognizes Public Officers who are demonstrating admirable service delivery. Each month an individual or team is selected for their significant accomplishments in the last 60 days.

“In her role as Customer Service Agent, Ms. Richardson is recognized for providing outstanding service to the public in the parcel post section of the Bermuda Post Office.

“Recently, following the cyber-incident in September that disrupted all government systems for an extended period, Ms. Richardson delivered beyond expectation to find solutions that would enable her department to continue providing services to the public despite unprecedented operational challenges.

Premier David Burt and Mandisa Richardson

Mandisa Richardson PSEA Bermuda November 2023

“Her colleagues have praised her quick-thinking, perseverance, and overall positive resolve to ensure service standards were not compromised at the Post Office during this difficult period.”

“Upon learning of potential delays to package release and distribution, and the negative impact this would have on customer service, Ms. Richardson came up with a solution within 24 hours to prevent a backlog of packages waiting to be released from Customs,” said a colleague for the Customs Department, voicing her gratitude for Ms. Richardson’s proactive work ethic.

“This innovative solution benefitted both Departments and their customers throughout this challenging time.”

Meanwhile, another colleague from the Department of Education, who visited the Post Office as a customer, praised Ms. Richardson for employing a creative solution to ensure customers received the printed paperwork required for their packages, even though the Post Office was unable to print at the time. Impressed by her incredible level of customer service, she said “Despite the system going down, Ms. Richardson remained positive with a glowing attitude. She has gone above and beyond to make her customers feel like a priority.”

The Premier said, “In times of crisis, we show our true character. Hence, I am honored to present this award to Ms. Richardson for demonstrating grace, perseverance, and optimism in the workplace during an extremely challenging time for our government’s administration. Her sense of professionalism is truly honorable, and while the entire Service has already been recognized for their efforts, I want to thank her specifically for going the extra mile to ensure the needs and satisfaction of her customers were met, first and foremost.”

Head of the Public Service, Cherie-lynn Whitter, congratulated Ms. Richardson on her achievement noting, “Exemplary customer service is one of our primary goals for the public service. I am thrilled to recognize Ms. Richardson’s care and charisma for serving clients to the highest standards, even in the most trying conditions. On behalf of the entire Public Service Executive, I applaud Ms. Richardson for performing admirably and thank her for helping us raise the bar across the Public Service.”

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