Soldiers Honoured To Take Part In Parade

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Royal Bermuda Regiment soldiers said they were honoured to be among veterans as they took part in the Remembrance Day parade in Hamilton today [Nov 11].

A spokesperson said, “Crowds gathered on Front Street and in the grounds of the Cabinet Office for a ceremony to commemorate those who fell in the two world wars and other campaigns of the Allied Forces.

“Troops were led by the RBR’s Band & Corps of Drums, which was one of several musical ensembles that featured.

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Captain Travis Stevens, who has been in the Regiment for 12 years, took the role of Parade Commander for the first time.

“He said: “I thought it was important to start the parade by reminding the soldiers why they serve, whether it’s for self-improvement, whether it’s to develop and maintain a sense of discipline or whether it’s to give back to others.

“More importantly, the reason we are here today is to remember those who gave the ultimate sacrifice.

“From the time we are marching down Front Street to the time we get off parade, I wanted that to be in the back of the soldiers’ minds.”

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The 35-year-old, of St David’s, who is an underwriter in his civilian life, made sure he was well-prepared for the event.

He explained: “You have to know not only your position at all times but the position of the marching soldiers, the position of the band, the position of the VIPs and dignitaries but most importantly the position of our veterans.

“You have to know what’s happening at every moment in the parade, so the key to me is to over prepare and rehearse.”

The parade was a first for Private Cierra Holdipp, 35, of Devonshire, who joined the Regiment earlier this year.

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She said: “Many people have passed away and sacrificed for us during both world wars, so you definitely want to make sure that you’re here and you’re present.

“You enjoy the moment but give them their respect as well.”

The spokesperson said, “Members of the RBR’s Junior Leaders and the Royal Bermuda Regiment Association were also on parade alongside other organisations such as the Bermuda Police Service and the Sea Cadets.

“A two-minute silence was held before wreaths were laid at the Cenotaph by Her Excellency the Governor Rena Lalgie, who is the RBR’s Commander-in-Chief, and others including Lieutenant-Colonel Ben Beasley, the Regiment’s Commanding Officer.

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“Private Donavon Burgess, of Warwick, highlighted that Remembrance Day was an opportunity to pay respect to people who fought for others to have freedom. He wanted to join the Regiment to continue a family tradition of people who served.”

The 24-year-old warehouse worker said: “This is my second family – everyone looks out for each other; if I have any issues I have no problem talking to people in the Regiment about it.”

The spokesperson said, “Dennis and Lisa Figureido, of Devonshire, looked on as their 13-year-old son Liam – named after a great-grandfather who fought in World War 2 – marched as one of the Junior Leaders today.”

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Mrs Figureido said: “He wanted to join, this was one of his motivating factors – the parade.

“He was told about his great-grandfather and to think about him in the moment of silence.”

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