UK Writer Recounts Her Visits To Bermuda

November 29, 2023 | 0 Comments

An article in The Times UK highlights writer Francesca Angelini’s time on the island, including visits both as a teenager and as an adult with children of her own.

The Times UK story said, “Mermaids, transgender marine life and meteorological mania weren’t the Bermuda holiday memories I’d been expecting. But this 21-square-mile archipelago of islands joined by mini bridges and causeways, bang in the middle of mid-Atlantic nowhere, brought surprises for all.

“Bermuda was plusher than I remembered. The sand isn’t quite Barbie pink, but it gets close. The lawns are tidy and there’s no rubbish or hawkers. Pastel-coloured houses dotted everywhere have whitewashed roofs with neat grooves to collect rainwater. The speed limit is 21 mph; billboards are banned, with very few exceptions. It’s all very smart. As are the people.

“For the first half of the week we stayed on the western tip of the island at Cambridge Beaches, a charming hotel made up of properly Barbie-pink cottages with calm waters, family-pleasing menus, barbecue nights and terrapins that the children befriended. It has three beaches to choose from. By the end we knew them intimately, from their easygoing tides and what manner of boats and other children we were likely to find to how good their sand was for moulding into sandcastles [or projectiles, if you’re two]. Everyone approved. So far Bermuda had great Kenergy.

You can read the full story here on the Times UK website.

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