Treefrog Launches AI Service For Businesses

November 8, 2023 | 0 Comments

Treefrog Consulting AI Bermuda November 2023

Treefrog Consulting announced its “cutting-edge service designed to integrate Artificial Intelligence [AI] into businesses seeking a competitive edge in today’s fast-paced market.”

A spokesperson said, “This offering aims to give businesses an opportunity to rapidly trial various AI solutions and quickly discover the highest impact implementations to enhance decision-making, optimize processes and accelerate growth.”

“With a four-phase approach, Treefrog’s offering is designed to let customers experiment with AI before committing to a specific solution. The first step is to identify high ROI AI use cases to trial.

“Next is to rapidly build out Proof of Concepts [POCs] for each promising idea – all taking less than a month to complete. The third step is evaluation of the POCs by the customer and finally, converting the most successful prototypes to an enterprise solution.

“AI large language and generative models have stunned the world this year with their uncanny capabilities that many thought were the exclusive domain of talented humans. From summarizing documents, meetings and videos to writing emails, creating PowerPoints and helping code software, there are few areas which AI has not shown promise in. The difficulty is to distinguish hype from practical reality. Treefrog’s AI Adoption service promises to help companies do just that.”

“AI is here to stay and the power it holds to transform business is immense,” says Dmitry Mnushkin, President of Treefrog Consulting.

“The trouble is knowing which offering of thousands is the most suitable, which problems are the most solvable and how to actually implement it. The service we are offering will guide customers through the tool and problem selection process, educate them on the current state of the art and help them explore AI’s potential without breaking the bank.”

“Very few businesses can afford to ignore this technology,” says Mr Mnushkin. “Even companies like grocery stores, construction firms and car dealerships can benefit in large and unexpected ways. Already industries as diverse as financial services, e-commerce, manufacturing, transportation, education, entertainment and legal are seeing tremendous opportunities emerge.”

The spokesperson added, “Treefrog Consulting, a Bermuda company providing custom software development services for the past 11 years, has never seen as much interest in a new technology from exempt and local companies as AI is now generating.”

“We are having conversations on a daily basis with people that are excited about the opportunity but don’t know how best to try it out,” said Damian Lado, Treefrog’s CTO. “More than any previous technology I have seen, the pace of change with this one is breathtaking. We are doing things now in hours that were taking months last year. A significant part of my week is evaluating the newest product offerings and which of our customers may benefit from them.”

The spokesperson said, “Businesses that believe they have many years before they need to incorporate AI in their processes will be surprised at how quickly this technology will become ubiquitous. Running meaningful trials to determine best fit is a great strategy to lead their competition and best position themselves to benefit from this compelling innovation.

“To explore how Treefrog Consulting can transform your business with AI, and for a detailed consultation, reach out at”

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