14 Schools To Take Part In “Christmas Carol-Off”

December 1, 2023 | 1 Comment

The ‘Great Christmas Carol-Off’ will take place at the airport from December 11th to 14th, with fourteen schools set to compete for prizes to support their music programs, with the winning school to receive $5,000, the second-place winners will receive $2,500, while the People’s Choice Award winner, chosen by the public, will be awarded $1,200.

Christmas Carol Bermuda Dec 1 2023

A spokesperson said, “Skyport is excited to announce the grand holiday festivities at LF Wade International Airport, showcasing the spirit of the season through an array of events and celebrations.”

“From December 11th to 14th, fourteen schools will compete for prizes supporting their music programs. The grand prize of $5,000 will aid the winning school, while the second-place winners will receive $2,500. The People’s Choice Award winner, chosen by the public, will be awarded $1,200. The public’s involvement is crucial in determining the recipient of this special award.

“Residents of Bermuda’s senior care facilities and the general public are invited to witness and support Bermuda’s young musical talent.

“Furthermore, a bustling artisan market will operate during the Great Christmas Carol-Off, featuring 21 of Bermuda’s artisans and gift makers. Attendees will have the opportunity to shop for unique crafts, gifts, and gourmet treats right in the terminal.

“The Whistling Rum Bar & Grill will offer seasonal holiday specials, and Somers Isle Mini Mart will showcase a delightful array of special Bermuda-inspired gift items from local producers.”

“We’re thrilled to announce that Skyport will be celebrating the holidays in a big way here at LF Wade International Airport. We’ll host the Great Christmas Carol-Off, pitting schools from around the island in an exciting musical competition. We have choirs, ensembles, and even a steel pan orchestra,” stated Nikki Fagan, Head of Brand Development & Marketing.”

The spokesperson added, “At the lighting ceremony, Skyport President Aaron Adderley engaged in lighthearted but friendly banter with Corporation of Hamilton’s Dwayne Caines, celebrating the airport’s new Christmas Tree towering over the base height of the City of Hamilton’s famed outdoor tree.

“The centrepiece of the festivities is “Bermuda’s Biggest Christmas Tree”, adorned with an impressive 26,550 LED lights, featuring 172 branches, standing at a towering 38ft high, embellished with 1,000 decorations. This impressive tree surpasses the average Christmas tree, standing as a symbol of the grandeur of the celebrations.”

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  1. Barbara Cooper says:

    This sounds like a wonderful idea. Seasons Greetings to all at Skyport.

    Barbara Cooper

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