Eight Videos: School Carol-Off At Airport Day #3

December 14, 2023 | 0 Comments

The festive musical competition, ‘Great Christmas Carol-Off,’ at the airport continues, with numerous students participating as schools compete for over $8,000 in prizes to bolster their music programs, and you can watch the event live below.

The event commenced on Monday, and you can watch videos of past performances here. The festive presentations go beyond just applause; there are prizes exceeding $8,000 available to support music programs. The winning school will receive $5,000, the second-place winners will get $2,500, and the People’s Choice Award winner, determined by the public through Skyport’s Instagram, will be granted $1,200.

To enhance today’s coverage efficiency, we’ve preloaded all the videos, and they will be published throughout the day. Additionally, live videos can be accessed on Bernews’ Facebook and Twitter/X accounts. Given the event’s scale with hundreds of participating students, the schedule may not adhere strictly to the exact minute, so please consider the provided schedule as a general guideline.

Carol Off Dec 14 2023 Schedule

BHS Primary School Singers

Port Royal Primary School Choir

The Berkeley Institute Choir

MSA Middle School

Somerset Primary School Choir

Guest performers Samantha Smith and Charo Hollis

West Pembroke

Bermuda Institute

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