Fairmont Redevelopment Is Getting Underway

December 1, 2023 | 12 Comments

“The redevelopment is now underway, with construction beginning in earnest in early 2024,” the Fairmont Southampton owners said, explaining that there is “a great deal of preliminary work to be done at the site in preparation for the extensive renovations that lie ahead.”

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A spokesperson said, “Westend Properties is very excited to announce the start of renovations at the Fairmont Southampton Hotel and Beach Club. This day has been a long time coming and we are thrilled to be taking the necessary initial steps in reimagining this iconic property so it can once again welcome guests from around the world.

“We are incredibly thankful to the Government of Bermuda for their careful consideration of our plans to date, and would also like to acknowledge the Bermuda Industrial Union for their steadfast and ongoing support,” said Karim Alibhai, Founder and Principal of Gencom, the managing partner of Westend Properties.

“While we’re very grateful for the granting of the SDO, our first priority has always been to get the hotel reopened and these important first steps lay the groundwork for the transformational work to come. We can’t wait to get started.”

The statement said, “The redevelopment is now under way, with construction beginning in earnest in early 2024. There is, of course, a great deal of preliminary work to be done at the site in preparation for the extensive renovations that lie ahead. We have selected local talent, including contractors Insulcon Maintenance Limited and BCM Construction Limited, who will be engaged formally and remain integral to this initial stage of the project.

“In December, in anticipation of the extensive planned upgrades we will be donating furniture and fixtures that cannot be repurposed to local charities, schools, churches, care homes and the general community. We will then liquidate what remains in the identified areas of the hotel in preparation for the construction that will start in the new year.

“Before beginning the extensive overhaul of the Beach Club in January, the Westend team will be undertaking a range of work in the weeks ahead, including the removal of interior finishes in the existing building, mobilization of excavators for necessary demolition around the buildings and the surveying and staking needed for the trenches that will be required between the Beach Club and the hotel. The exterior work is scheduled to begin in January.”

“We are so excited to be moving ahead with this project, and as evidenced by the Career Fair in June, there will be lots of opportunities for both short- and long-term employment for Bermudians,” Mr. Alibhai continued.

“The renovated and upgraded hotel will significantly enhance the island’s appeal for tourists, conferences and corporate travel. We look forward to delivering a world-class, quality product that will act as a critical cornerstone to Bermuda’s tourism industry.”

The company added, “Gencom has successfully revitalized several master-planned resort communities and destination properties, including the Rosewood Tuckers Point in Bermuda, the Ritz-Carlton Bachelor Gulch in Beaver Creek, Colorado and Peninsula Papagayo in Costa Rica. At a number of these properties, commercial success has also generated long-term social and economic gains for their respective communities.”

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  1. Joe Bloggs says:

    Whilst I welcome the economic stimulus this will provide, I still regret that the PLP Government has allowed more of Bermuda to be sold to foreigners

  2. Kim Smith says:

    This is very interesting to read considering the formal approval process for the SDO has yet to be completed.

  3. Vox says:

    Getting underway or underway?

    Its hard to trust anything this Government says.

    • Joe Bloggs says:

      It is intended to get underway next year (maybe). For the present we have this, “In December, in anticipation of the extensive planned upgrades we will be donating furniture and fixtures …”

      And for the future we have “construction beginning in earnest in early 2024″.

      Whether or not the PLP Government gives more money to Gencom remains to be seen.

    • Question says:

      “Work beginning in earnest in early 2024” just means they have no idea when work will begin.

  4. Kim Smith says:

    Albeit late to be making this comment today, at least this comment will become part of the record.

    While the beach club has already received Planning approval for work to be carried out, we have seen no applications for renovations to the hotel so we’ll expect those to start appearing very soon if the plan is for work to start in January 2024. Remember that work on the hotel was not covered by the 2023 Special Development Order, although the renovation and reopening of the hotel is very much linked to the approval of that SDO.

    • Joe Bloggs says:

      At the risk of being called a racist again, the funding of the renovations is very much tied to the sale of more of Bermuda to foreigners. Or so Gencom said when seeking permission to sell off more of Bermuda to foreigners

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