Minister Rabain’s Trip To Tokyo Cost $9,585.70

December 22, 2023 | 0 Comments

A trip in September 2023 by Minister of Education Diallo Rabain to Tokyo cost $9,585.70, according to a listing on the Government’s travel webpage.

The trip duration was listed as from September 29, 2023 – October 8, 2023, and the web page listing said, “The Hon. Diallo Rabain, Minister of Education attended the 19th International Convening of the Global Education Leaders Partnership [GELP] which was hosted by Google for Education at Google’s state-of-the-art Japan headquarters in Shibuya, Tokyo. He was accompanied by the Education Reform Unit’s Leader, Ms. Lisa DeSilva. The focus was on conference was on Leading Education Transformation, they were able to learn and explore how Bermuda’s education reform programme and efforts align with global challenges related to educational transformation.”


  • Air Travel: $6790.00
  • Ground Transportation: $1339.90
  • Accommodation: $825.91
  • Meals: $407.94
  • Miscellaneous: $221.95
  • Total costs: $9,585.70

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