Andreaz Glasgow Donates To Two Charities

January 15, 2024 | 1 Comment

20-year-old student Andreaz Glasgow fulfilled his New Year’s resolution by donating to Transformational Living Center [TLC] and HOME, supporting homeless families and individuals.

Glasgow, currently attending Long Island University in New York, is pursuing dual bachelor’s degrees in Political Science and International Relations & Diplomacy, alongside a five-year program to earn a Masters of Business in Management Information Systems. He is on track to receive his bachelor’s degrees in 2025 and his master’s in 2026.”

Andreaz Glasgow and Marion Dyer, the Executive Director of the Transformational Living Center

Andreaz Glasgow Donation Bermuda January 2024

“My new year’s goal was to actively contribute to my community, honoring the principle that ‘it takes a village’,” said Glasgow. He credits his “hardworking single mother for instilling in him the values of perseverance and giving, despite not coming from a wealthy background.”

Glasgow chose TLC, a facility combatting homelessness among families with children, and HOME, an organization aiding Bermuda’s homeless, for their significant impact on single parents, struggling mothers, and youth. “These organizations create positive change, and I wanted to be part of that,” Glasgow remarked.

To support these charities, Glasgow donated a 10cuft deep freezer to TLC and over 120 towels, face cloths, bath soap, and a case of 800 laundry pods to HOME. He funded these donations through savvy networking and connections made in the United States, leveraging his business of importing appliances and bulk goods to offset his university education costs.

Glasgow also balances his academic responsibilities with a job as a Resident Assistant at his university, contributing to the academic and social development of his peers.

When discussing his educational journey, Glasgow expressed gratitude for the scholarships he received from local Bermudian organizations like ABIC, Centennial Foundation, and the Bermuda Government. Still, he faces financial challenges. “I’ve taken it upon myself to fund the remaining balance of my education, ensuring my family doesn’t bear this burden,” he added.

Looking ahead, Glasgow is committed to returning to Bermuda to contribute further. “My aim is to empower Bermuda’s youth and work in various sectors. I’m also considering further studies in law and business administration in the United Kingdom,” he shared.

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