City Urges Dog Owners To Clean Up

May 7, 2024 | 10 Comments

The City of Hamilton is reminding dog owners to please pick up after their pet, saying it is “disheartening when we hear reports of people’s encounters with dog waste on our streets.”

A spokesperson said, “It is an offence under the Dogs Act 2008 not to clean up after your dog, and offenders will be liable to fines. Subject to subsections [3] and [4] of the Dogs Act 2008, a dog owner commits an offence if their dog…’deposits faeces on property other than property of the keeper and the person fails to collect the faeces and dispose of it in a reasonable manner; or repeatedly soils, with urine or faeces, property of, or under the care of, another person without that person’s consent.”

City CEO Dwayne Caines said, “Hamilton is a vibrant community where people live, work, and visit. It’s therefore disheartening when we hear reports of people’s encounters with dog waste on our streets. Not only does it create an unsightly and unpleasant environment, but it also poses health risks to our residents and visitors. As stewards of our city’s cleanliness and safety, we’re taking proactive measures, including the use of CCTV for monitoring and enforcement. Let’s work together to keep Hamilton clean and enjoyable for everyone.”

“The City appreciates the public’s assistance in this matter,” a spokesperson added.

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  1. Trufth says:

    However, if you’re human and “un-housed,” feel free to use any doorway, bench, or sidewalk as your own personal toilet. We won’t do anything to you, just to the dogs.

  2. Dog lover says:

    But still nothing done about Mr A leaving human excrement and urine on the trail and littering every. Single. Day!

  3. N.B.B. says:

    And please don’t let your dogs pee on buildings!! there are trees they can use.

    If Dog Lover loved humans they would try to help those without homes.

    • trufth says:

      Who says Dog Lover (above) loves humans? Many of us prefer our dogs over some of the humans we encounter, and rightly so! Nothing wrong with that. We get to choose who we “help out.”

      • Joe Bloggs says:

        “Many of us prefer our dogs over some of the humans we encounter”


  4. Real Deal says:

    another simple issue just like dog attacks that can be easily solved by educating the dogs not the humans make a gov primary school for all dogs we will have the most educated population of dogs plus there are so much labor benefit that will be good exercise for them like helping us clean up the mess we make even even helping people in need like accidents crime help until our population is able to awaken in Christ

  5. No pun intended says:

    So now your going to use CCTV to spy on
    Dog pooping??? Really. Draconian government sure. Surely you have someth6more useless than that to spend tax payer money on

    • Hilarious! says:

      How long before the dogs, like the criminals, learn the locations of the CCTV and avoid the cameras?

  6. Maddog says:

    Regrettably the irresponsibility and plain laziness of a few is going to result in banning dogs from Hamilton and other places altogether. People are just plain lazy. EVERYDAY in Warwick parish I see big dog poop piles literally feet from the dog pots (with free bags) on the trail…WHY???? PICK UP YOUR POOP. Waste management is part of pet ownership….you don’t want to do it?…. don’t get a dog!

  7. Roger Lambert says:

    Dogs need to wear diapers like some, not all horses do. Sitting by City Hall and driving through Town occasionally the last month, I’ve seen our 4 legged bow wows with owner strutting through the City, Undiapered.

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