CariGenetics Achieves Service Lab Certification

January 23, 2024 | 2 Comments

CariGenetics has reached a significant milestone by obtaining service lab certification, “making it the first Oxford Nanopore Technologies [ONT] PromethION account in the LATAM & Caribbean region to achieve this status.”

A spokesperson said, “This certification, featured on ONT’s Service Provider list, marks a transformative moment for genetic research capacity in the Caribbean and beyond.

“Historically, Bermuda and other Caribbean islands have had to rely on laboratories in Europe or the USA for genetic sequencing. With this new development, CariGenetics is now equipped to launch Seq2Know, its certified DNA sequencing service that offers a more efficient, accessible and local human & biodiversity genetic sequencing solution for the region and international clients.

“As a part of Seq2Know, CariGenetics is also proud to launch Seq2Know@School, bespoke packages to support those interested in incorporating ONT sequencing into STEM learning at all levels, from the classroom to PhD research. Packages include training, machine rental, reagent supply and technical support. With initial clients expected from Bermuda & Trinidad, CariGenetics is thrilled to not only be offering state-of-the-art technologies for advanced clinical research but also for inspiring the next generation of science innovators.”

CariGenetics Oxford Nanopore Technologies Bermuda January 2024

Dr Carika Weldon, Founder and CEO of CariGenetics, expressed her enthusiasm for this achievement, “Receiving the service lab certification is not just a win for CariGenetics; it’s a monumental step forward for the entire Caribbean region. We are now at the forefront of genomic research, capable of conducting high-quality DNA sequencing right here in Bermuda. This capability will significantly enhance our research efficiency, broaden our scope of impact globally whilst enabling biotech innovation within the region.”

Julie Collens, VP Commercial – AMR, Oxford Nanopore Technologies, commented, “We are delighted that CariGenetics has received Oxford Nanopore’s service lab certification. Nanopore sequencing is well positioned to serve the needs of clinical research lab customers, offering the ability to sequence any-length fragments of DNA/RNA and provide richer data and analysis, in an accessible and affordable format. Increasing access to the nanopore platform for a variety of different customer types is at the core of our vision to enable the analysis of anything, anywhere.”

The spokesperson said, “This certification from ONT, a global leader in genetic sequencing technology, underscores CariGenetics’ commitment to advancing genomic research and its dedication to providing top-tier services. The PromethION platform offers unparalleled data throughput and scalability, enabling CariGenetics to handle large-scale genomic projects with precision, accuracy and speed. The first of such projects is the company’s own flagship Caribbean Breast Cancer Whole Genome Pilot Study where the CariGenetics’ lab team is now conducting whole genome sequencing of these samples locally, another first for the Caribbean.

“The achievement of this certification is a testament to CariGenetics’ ongoing efforts to bring cutting-edge genomic research and technology to the Caribbean. It represents a leap forward in the region’s ability to contribute significantly to global genomic research and data analysis.”

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  1. Hilarious! says:

    Is the lab certified to do DNA analysis for the police? Better to do it locally than to FedEx samples off the island to the US or UK. That would be a nice cash flow.

  2. Joe Bloggs says:

    “Bermuda and other Caribbean islands”

    We are NOT a Caribbean island. The Caribbean sea is roughly 1,000 miles to our south.

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