CariGenetics Launches ‘Hear His Story’

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CariGenetics, alongside several community organizations, has launched the “Hear His Story” campaign to enhance men’s health awareness.

A spokesperson said, “CariGenetics, in collaboration with several esteemed organisations, hosted a press conference to launch the “Hear His Story” campaign. This initiative is dedicated to promoting dialogue, raising awareness, and inciting action to improve Men’s Health beyond the months of June and November. The first event under this campaign will be a free Men’s Health Roundtable Discussion held on 29 June 2029 from 1-4 pm at the Police Club. The press conference featured speakers Dr. Carika Weldon of CariGenetics, Dr. Jonathan Makanjuola of The Daily Male, John Payne of Prostate Awareness Bermuda, and Armell Thomas of BPSU. Jamal Hart was also present on behalf of Kappa Alpha Psi, as well as Rhydell Paynter of Prostate Awareness Bermuda.

CariGenetics 'Hear His Story' Campaign Bermuda June 2024

Key Highlights from the Press Conference:

“Dr. Carika Weldon, CariGenetics: Provided an overview of the dire need for the “Hear His Story” year-round men’s health campaign.” She shared, “We want the community to ‘Hear His Story’. We encourage men to listen to the story their body is telling them by getting screened with Daily Male, to listen to the story encoded in your genetics through joining our research study, to listen to each other with the help of Prostate Awareness Bermuda and MASC and for the community to listen to our men so we can best support them. We must ‘Hear His Story’.”

The spokesperson said, “The need for the Caribbean Prostate Cancer Genomic Study and its potential impact on men’s health in Bermuda was also discussed, and the fundraising initiative under the “Hear His Story” campaign was introduced with an initial goal of $50,000 to support the critical research, encouraging community participation and support.

“Dr. Jonathan Makanjuola, The Daily Male: Emphasised the importance of their partnership with CariGenetics, the mission of The Daily Male in promoting men’s health and well-being through community screening, and the impact such programs have had in identifying those men who would have otherwise been missed and suffered from end-stage prostate cancer. Explained that the research study was a natural progression from the current PSA screening as genetic testing may be the future way to screen for the risk of getting prostate cancer.

“John Payne, Prostate Awareness Bermuda: Discussed the partnership with CariGenetics and the importance of the Men’s Health Roundtable event on June 29th. He urged 200-250 men to attend the roundtable discussion from 1 PM to 4 PM at the Police Club to engage in meaningful conversations about prostate and other men’s health topics.

“Armell Thomas, BPSU: Spoke about BPSU’s commitment to supporting health initiatives for men, highlighting the significance of early detection and proactive health measures.

Campaign Events:

““Hear His Story” Roundtable Discussion: Scheduled for June 29th from 1 PM to 4 PM at the Police Club. This event will feature open discussions on men’s health issues, where attendees will have the chance to enter a draw for a free spa treatment at the new Modern Gent Dapper Lounge & Spa.

Education and Recruitment: Continued education and recruitment for the Caribbean Prostate Cancer Genome Study.

“Instagram Live Discussion: Leading up to the Roundtable Discussion, an Instagram Live talk will be hosted to further discuss men’s health and the significance of prostate cancer awareness. This platform will provide an opportunity for the community to engage and ask questions.

“Ongoing Community Events: There will be several additional initiatives planned throughout the year. The campaign invites organisations to partner to bring this much-needed discussion to the men in their networks.

Supporting Community Organisations:

“In addition to the organisations who spoke at the press conference, CariGenetics is proud to partner with Kappa Alpha Psi Fraternity Incorporated, Alpha Phi Alpha Fraternity Incorporated, and MASC Bermuda. CariGenetics is also in discussions with several other organisations, including the Bermuda Police Services, who have expressed interest in supporting this vital campaign.

Call to Action:

“We invite all men in the community to participate in these events, engage in conversations about their health, and support the fundraising efforts for prostate cancer research. Your involvement can make a significant difference in raising awareness and improving health outcomes for men in Bermuda and throughout the Caribbean. Any organisation interested in supporting the “Hear His Story” campaign should email Dr. Carika Weldon at or call 500-1982.”

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