Gencom Updates On Fairmont Renovation Work

January 21, 2024 | 2 Comments

Westend Properties and its managing partner, Gencom, provided an update on the “preliminary work being carried out at the Fairmont Southampton property in preparation for the extensive renovations planned for the hotel and Beach Club.”

A spokesperson said, “These early phases of demolition and site preparation are crucial to enabling the complete overhaul of the resort to move forward.”

“We are delighted to have engaged Bermudian companies, BCM Construction Limited and Insulcon Maintenance Limited to assist with the initial stages of the Fairmont Southampton renovations,” said John Hogan, SVP Architecture & Construction, at Gencom. “We are at a critical juncture in the construction process and having local talent on board is invaluable to making sure all the necessary preliminary work is done right.”

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The spokesperson said, “BCM Construction, who is contracted for the duration of the project, has been working closely with Gencom to help define the scope and timing of this important project. In the initial stages, they will play a primary role in the work scheduled for the Beach Club and other exterior amenities. In the weeks to come, the focus will be on site setup and security; stripping out of the buildings and structures that will be retained; demolishing the buildings and structures that are no longer needed; and completing the surveying work for the layout of new infrastructure.”

“Back in the early 1970’s, BCM built the original hotel and we are very pleased to be part of the team working on the Fairmont Southampton’s rebirth,” said Mike Elwes, President & CEO, BCM Construction. “No one should underestimate the difficulty of reaching this point given what the world has been through. It may have taken a little longer than we all had hoped, but this renovation project will benefit many Bermudians and Bermudian companies in the short term, and the whole of Bermuda for decades to come.”

The spokesperson said, “For their part, Insulcon will be focusing their efforts on upgrading the offsite housing located at Faraway and Astwood Cove. Ultimately, their work – which includes installing new flooring, air conditioning and windows; refurbishing kitchen and bathroom cabinets; interior painting; and minor plumbing repairs – will provide renovated accommodations for more than 100 staff members.”

“The Insulcon team is very excited to start working on the Southampton project,” said Keith Hodgkins, Managing Director of Insulcon Maintenance. “While the start of this work has been a long time coming, the opening of the hotel is desperately needed for Bermuda and we’re happy to do everything we can to help move this process along.”

Alessandro Colantonio, Chief Investment Officer at Gencom added, “Since the project restart was announced last December, Gencom has been working methodically through the critical logistics and timelines to get to this point. We look forward to providing additional updates in the weeks ahead as the Fairmont Southampton renovation process continues.”

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  1. jon says:

    same ole rhetoric, cut n paste

  2. Joe Bloggs says:

    Some detail would be nice.

    We all know that a hotel can be knocked down. The hard work is building something new in its place.

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