‘Building Up Instead Of Out’ To Conserve Space

April 22, 2023

“To conserve as much green space as possible, we will be building up instead of out,” the Fairmont Southampton developers said, explaining that while “some of the proposed buildings will be six storeys, none will be higher than the nine-story hotel itself.”

A document titled “The Bigger Picture” highlights the goals of the redevelopment project, saying, “Following up on our earlier update about our plans for the Fairmont Southampton, we would like to take this opportunity to address some of the questions that have been raised about the tourism and residential units that will be built. We are also pleased to provide further details on the scheduled renovations and upgrades for the existing hotel and property.

“Many Bermudians are concerned about the visual impact the proposed tourism and residential units will have. We understand those concerns. We are committed to respecting the natural beauty of this picturesque site and ensuring that it continues to appeal to locals and tourists alike.

“The images below offer a truer representation of how the buildings will fit into the overall property and reflect how much open and recreational space will be retained.

Special Development Order Bermuda April 21 2023 1

“To conserve as much green space as possible, we will be building up instead of out. While this means that some of the proposed buildings will be six storeys, none will be higher than the nine-story hotel itself. We will be mindful in making sure the buildings blend as seamlessly as possible with their surroundings.

“The units will be thoughtfully designed by a world-class architect and integrated into the landscape for a cohesive look and feel. This will be done in consultation with a Bermudian architect. Like you, we want the end result to be beautiful and we will leverage our extensive experience to make sure this development is a success.”

The full document — which also notes that “a full 65% of the property’s green space will remain – a combination of the golf course and recreational areas” — can be read by clicking here.

Special Development Order Bermuda April 21 2023 2

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  1. Ringmaster says:

    Sure they’ll be looking after the environment. Just look what they did to Shark Hole, with probably more plots like that still to de sold/developed. Shades of what is to come at SP. Money speaks more than trees.

    Soon Bermuda will be full of multi million dollar houses that lie empty most of the time, and slowly will become gated communities. Talk about 2 Bermudas the PLP has created because of ego and greed.

    • Joe Bloggs says:

      We were told this was coming years ago. Don’t you remember “It’s our turn now”?

      • Question says:

        Yep. “Our turn at the trough” was the phrase they used.

  2. Please provide says:

    How about drawings from the ground and not just from the sky. We do not get the true visual in these drawings.

  3. What says:

    Aesthetics are only a small part of it. It is a project where the hotel seems an afterthought or it would have been open for this season. It is a project where Bermuda and Bermudians are giving up tax revenue from imports on the development and from the operation of the project and Bermudians are guaranteeing the debt. Bermudians are losing quite a large sum of money over the life of the tax concessions and getting no equity stake in the project. Where is the upside for Bermudians for our back door investment? Basically this project gets to happen for free and the profits will go overseas . It is taking an iconic property in Bermuda, and sucking the life out of it for a dollar that we will never see.

  4. puzzled says:


  5. Sandgrownan says:


  6. Platinum says:

    Wow, it still looks ugly even with better CGI!

    Just don’t build projects and conserve all the space.

    We all know this is a done deal. Govt and the developers are just “listening” to what we have to say to placate those of us against it.

    30-6!!!!! Bermp, bermp, beeerrrmmpppp!!!!!

  7. Ya Fullish says:

    Let’s convince the public that it is morally agreeable to build a bunch of monopoly hotels on green space because we need to stimulate the economy. In case you’re not paying attention, the construction industry has been hot since lockdown finished.

  8. Ringmaster says:

    Gencom are in the driving seat thanks to the uselessness of Burt. They have Bermuda, thanks to Burt, in their control to do what they want. Forget the $75m guarantee, that is open ended, no wonder Curtis resigned. IMO he would have done better to resign as a PLP MP, and at least sit as an Independent.