Premier Burt’s Trip To London Cost $8656.60

January 26, 2024 | 4 Comments

A trip in November 2023 by Premier David Burt to London cost $8,656.60, according to a listing on the Government’s travel webpage.

The trip duration was listed as from November 12, 2023 – November 16, 2023, and the web page listing said, “The Premier of Bermuda, the Hon. David Burt travelled to the UK from 12 November-16 November to attend the Joint Ministerial Council [JMC] in London, the annual meeting hosted by the UK government, bringing together leaders of the British Overseas Territories. The Deputy Premier joined Premier Burt for this year’s engagements in London.

“The primary focus of this year’s JMC was the deliberation of a new Joint Declaration between the United Kingdom and British Overseas Territories. This Declaration is a substantial step forward, outlining the UK’s strategy to fulfil its commitments to the Territories, integrating their needs across various Whitehall Government Departments.

“During the JMC, the Premier of Bermuda stressed two fundamental principles essential for Bermuda’s relationship with the UK: full self-governance and enhanced global representation of Bermuda’s interests. The Premier advocated for a modern partnership, with the UK devolving appropriate powers to Bermuda and other Overseas Territories.

“The desire for constitutional advancement and self-determination through United Nations participation was emphasised, reflecting Bermuda’s status as a ‘Non-Self-Governing Territory.’ Bermuda’s mature constitution demands consultation on the application of UK laws and conventions that may impact the island.

“The JMC acknowledged the Overseas Territories’ global leadership in environmental science and efforts to combat illicit finance and corruption. Bermuda’s role in these areas was particularly noted.

“The Premier and the Deputy Premier also engaged in hearings with the UK’s Public Administration and Constitutional Affairs Committee [PACAC] and the Foreign Affairs Committee and held a bilateral meeting with David Rutley MP, the Minister of State for the Overseas Territories. The Premier addressed the security coding of Bermuda passports and the government’s commitment to CARICOM, receiving support from Minister Rutley.

“Before departing for Bermuda, the Premier also met with Ms Tayla Imani Bean, representing Bermuda at the UK Youth Parliament, to wish her the best of luck as she prepared to deliver her speech on anti-social behaviour and issues affecting young people in the House of Commons.”


  • Air Travel: $6162.60
  • Ground Transportation: $47.92
  • Accommodation: $2419.04
  • Meals: $7.69
  • Miscellaneous: $19.35
  • Total costs: $8656.60

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  1. Hilarious! says:

    Air Travel: $6162.60 – SERIOUSLY!!!
    Bermudians are struggling to pay food and BELCO bills and our premier (and other officials) is always flying First Class at taxpayer expense. How about booking a coach ticket and paying for the upgrade to First Class out of your pocket like your predecessor did? How about upgrading using frequent flyer miles? How about not waiting until the last minute to book a flight?

  2. Baldwin says:

    For someone so anti-British, he sure does like a visit! Were West Ham at home?

    Don’t you see Bermuda, this is about personal wealth and choices, it is not about governance.

  3. PA says:

    I do not like it when one man has the power to control me and this countries future !

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