Bermuda Riders Compete In Martinique

February 23, 2024 | 0 Comments

Bermuda riders Rai Burch, Tyler James, Kimoy Cruickshank, and Kayla Bardgett competed on the Grand Caraibe Tour in Martinique.

Day one saw the competitors compete in 2 phases special classes at 3 height divisions.

James was eliminated out of 44 starters in the 0.90 cm class, Cruickshank finished 25th and Bardgett finished 29th out of 42 starters in the 1.10 m class, and Burch won the 1.20 m class out of 24 starters.

Day two was one round and a jump off class at the 3 heights.

James finished 15th in the .90 cm class, Bardgett was 29th, while Cruickshank was eliminated in the 1.10 m class out of 42 starters, and Burch finished 3rd in the 1.20 m class that saw 24 starters.

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