CedarBridge Black History: Unveiling Legends

February 24, 2024 | 2 Comments

[Written by Anya Thompson]

During Black History Month, the Social Studies Department at CedarBridge Academy initiated a creative project to honour the accomplishments and legacies of influential Black figures from various parts of the globe, as well as those who have made a lasting impact on Bermuda’s history. Both students and educators decorated their classroom doors with colorful exhibits highlighting the diverse contributions of these extraordinary individuals.

Garrett Morgan, a true visionary, was recognized for his outstanding contributions to global road safety and transportation systems. His groundbreaking invention of the first three-way traffic signal not only transformed urban landscapes but also saved many lives. Morgan’s ingenuity and impact rightfully secured him a place among history’s greatest innovators.

The tribute also recognized Malcolm X’s lasting legacy as a civil rights activist whose passionate support for racial equality continues to resonate with people all around the world. Malcolm X’s captivating speeches and steadfast commitment to fairness inspired many people to face institutional discrimination and work toward a more equitable society.

Among the local luminaries recognized was Bermuda’s own Sir John Swan, a trailblazing entrepreneur and politician whose forward-thinking guidance has made a lasting impact on the economic, political, and social progress of the island. The enduring legacy of Sir John emphasizes the influential role of perseverance and commitment in conquering challenges and achieving success.

The vivid displays covering the classroom doors not only paid homage to these legendary personalities, but also allowed students to delve further into their remarkable stories and investigate the larger historical and social contexts in which they lived. Through engaging discussions and interactive activities, teachers fostered a greater awareness and appreciation for the complex web of black history and its profound impact on society.

Mr. Romel McDonald, the Acting Instructional Leader for the Social Studies Department, expressed his appreciation with the enthusiasm and creativity shown by both students and staff when discussing the initiative. “The project aimed at celebrating and educating students about Black historical figures from Bermuda and globally.

It involved a collaboration with various departments to highlight Black excellence based on their respective fields. Each classroom door showcased a photo of a different Black historical figure along with a concise quote or biography. The visual exhibit aimed to inspire students daily as they entered classrooms throughout Black History Month.”

As the month-long celebration comes to an end, the displays serve as a thought-provoking reminder of the lasting heritage of resilience, courage, and determination that defines the black experience. CedarBridge Academy reiterated its commitment to cultivating a culture of diversity, inclusiveness, and understanding within its walls and beyond by commemorating the accomplishments of these extraordinary individuals.

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  1. Well done says:

    Cedarbridge. Remind the students that Bermudian the late Ida J. Smith was a graduate of Madane C.J. Walker. That way it times in. And what is the tie in on overseas personalities on our history…..their impact if not it is just a grade.

  2. Definitely A NECESSITY!! Simply wonderful. An identity eye-opener!!

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