Highlighting CedarBridge Alumni Allison Seymour

June 8, 2023

[Written by Anya Thompson]

Mr. Allison Seymour’s key areas of study, while at CedarBridge Academy, was Computer Studies. As a student, he completed majority of the Computer Courses available. He was the captain of the Computer Science Quiz Team and a member of the CBA Information Technology Club.

He competed in the Rotary Technology Quiz Competition in 2013 and 2014, assisting CedarBridge in finishing third and second, respectively. As a student, Allison was knowledgeable about computer hardware, programming and graphics.

During his senior year, he became interested in film and media. He started learning about camera techniques, lighting, editing, and writing stories and scripts that entertained and captivated audiences. He made video montages, recaps, and promotional videos. He recorded CBA Sports Days, Spirit Days, and other events, which are available on YouTube. Throughout his CedarBridge Academy years, he truly liked exploring his talents and skills.

Allison Seymour CedarBridge June 2023

In 2012, Mr. Seymour finished first in the Technology Award, an event hosted yearly in April at CedarBridge Academy in which students compete in various technology projects that exhibited their knowledge as well as their skills in the field of technology.

In 2013 and 2014, he received awards and recognition in the annual CBA Prize-Giving for his work in computer hardware classes, and his work in Media and Communication.

Allison developed the CedarBridge Academy School Flag as a prefect, and it was the winning design. He also served as the publicist for the Student Government Association [SGA]. He created their fliers and helped them promote their events. He was asked to capture many school events during his time at CBA. He took pictures and assisted in the organization of the National Honors Society Golf Tournament, which was held at Belmont Hills.

Allison did a video assignment titled “My Story” in Preserving Our Heritage Class in Social Studies. Students were asked to research their ancestors. According to his teacher at the time, Ms. Judith Gill, his video presentation about his family lineage boosted the standard of the class to the point where many of the students desired to enhance their project after viewing his assignment.

Allison was frequently asked to record or photograph a variety of CedarBridge events, including assemblies, football games, rallies, and themed Grub Days. He was also a member of the CBA Chimes, a student-written school newspaper. Many of his photographs accompanied student-written newspaper stories. During the Annual School Art Shows, his photographs were showcased at the Bermuda National Gallery.

Allison studied at Seneca College in Toronto, Ontario. In 2018, he earned an Advanced Diploma in Airport Operations and Safety. At the moment, he works as an aircraft services ramp agent at L.F Wade International Airport. A ramp agent’s role is to service aircraft, providing baggage services, air cargo, and to assist with movement of the aircraft arriving and departing the airport.

Allison stated: “I enjoy the ramp agent job for its dynamic pace and exhilarating atmosphere. I get to interact with commercial pilots, and foreign and Bermudian mechanics. I walk the wings of aircraft as they land and take off. The airport environment is stimulating, and there’s “never a dull day”! I love my job despite the long, physically demanding days I often work. I would highly recommend working in the aircraft service industry.”

Allison continues to have a strong interest in the fields of photography, video production, and media. He has maintained his technical prowess while concentrating on producing video and photographic assignments. He has succeeded in striking the “perfect balance” between his professional life and his artistic talents.

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